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Best NFL Sportsbooks 2022

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FAQS about NFL sportsbooks

Before you start gambling on the NFL you need to know your stuff. Here are the most common questions people have:

💯 What is the best sportsbook for NFL betting?

There are a large number of reputable online sportsbooks that offer a great selection of NFL bets.

At BettingScanner we have selected FanDuel, DraftKings, PointsBet and Caesars as the best online sportsbooks for NFL wagers.

⏱️ When is the best time to start betting on the NFL?

The pre-season is a good time to do your homework, but be wary of placing bets on fixtures during week 1 of the NFL. To be able to make all the right decisions you need to have all the information possible at hand. Preseason is when the big transfers occur and also when the most injuries happen.

With such a long break a lot of teams will begin with a different form to how they will end the season. We recommend you wait until you are a couple of weeks in, so you can compile enough statistics and a ‘feel’ for the current season.

Caesars sportsbook is currently partnered with the NFL, so they will be able to provide the most up-to-date information and data.

📈 What is a good NFL betting strategy?

First things first, you should learn the basics of sports betting and then analyze how you should bet on the NFL. Your strategy will be formed very much by your own circumstances including personal goals, finances, time, knowledge, experience and skill level. We can recommend you read our guide on sports betting.

🤔 How do you read NFL betting lines?

First there you will see +/- symbols which will indicate who is the favorite. The minus is assigned to the favorite, and a plus will indicate the underdog.

Numbers, which are the odds, will appear next to the +/- symbols indicating how much you can expect to win according to your wager.

The minus number will show you how much you will win if you wager a $100 and a plus number will show you how much you will have to wager to win $100.

DraftKings sportsbook currently has the best value moneylines for the NFL.

💰What sportsbook offers the best NFL odds?

This can vary depending on the match and what type of bet you have selected.

For moneyline bets FanDuel, Draftkings are always reliable.

For point spreads, we can highly recommend PointsBet for the best value odds.

📍 Where can you bet on NFL games?

At a licenced brick and mortar sportsbook: you will only find these in states where sports betting is legal.

Online: This will need to be in a state where sports betting is legal and online sportsbooks are operational.

This depends on what type of sportsbook you want and where you are located in the USA. You can find our list for best-betting sites for the NFL above. We put each betting site through a thorough ranking process.

⚖️ Is NFL Betting legal?

Yes. Betting on the NFL is 100% legal. You just need to make sure you are in a state where online sports betting is legal.

😕 What is NFL spread betting?

Spread bets factor in the points into an NFL game. This means that you will have to back a team to win with an adjusted points handicap. This can reduce the difference between the favorites and the underdog.

To find out more about the different types of bets - including spread bets - then check out this guide.

NFL Sportsbooks 2022 🏈

The NFL, the most popular sport in the USA, is also unsurprisingly the most popular sport to bet on. It’s a sport that everyone loves to bet on, from the experts to the occasional punter who likes to spice up the Superbowl with a cheeky wager.

"I have yet to be in a game where luck was involved." – Urban Meyer

Meyer’s words also ring true for betting on the NFL. Knowing what type of bet and when to place it, can massively increase your chances of winning. This will involve knuckling down and doing a little bit of homework before you get started.

In this page we will provide you with which sportsbooks we recommend for betting on the NFL in your respective state. As it stands, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Colorado, West Virginia and Illinois have the best selections of online NFL betting.

bettingscanner recommends

🥇 Best NFL sportsbook: DraftKings

Deposit Bonus of up to $1,000

The major online sportsbook currently offers the best odds and selection of bets for NFL games.

What makes a great NFL sportsbook

If it is just football and the NFL specifically that you are looking to bet on, then finding the right sportsbook becomes much easier for you. This is because you can really narrow down your search, and really focus on a certain set of factors.

If you are looking to primarily bet on one league you are most likely a big football fan, which will put you at an advantage as you'll really know your stuff. The more you know, the more you analyse the full range of odds offered on all the events, and you increase your chance of finding real value.

NFL Sportsbooks US
What to think about when picking your NFL sportsbook

What range of NFL bets does the sportsbook provide?

Do they offer an extensive array of stats to go alongside your betting?

Are their value in the sportsbook NFL odds?

Does the sportsbook provide in-play betting for NFL matches?

Does the sportsbook offer NFL specific promotions?

Best NFL Sportsbook in NJ

If you are based in New Jersey then you really are in luck. The Garden State is storming ahead of its rivals when it comes to online sports betting. This is thanks to unrestrictive legislation, which creates an attractive market for sportsbooks, and an existing base of betting aficionados.

The state is home to the New York Giants and the New York Jets.

Football, along with basketball, is the most popular sport in the state, which means that sportsbooks have focused heavily on offering a wide range of NFL bets.

You can check out our dedicated page to finding the best sportsbook in New Jersey but when it comes specifically to betting on the NFL in NJ we have one standout winner.

BettingScanner recommends for NFL sports betting in NJ

Top Performer: DraftKings NJ

Deposit Bonus of up to $1,000

The online sportsbook was, along with FanDuel the first to launch in the state of New Jersey.

They currently have the best odds and selection of bets when it comes to the NFL.

Best NFL Sportsbook in PA

DraftKings was already a well established brand in Pennsylvania before they launched their sportsbook in the state.

Since their launch in 2018, they have firmly established as one of the states most popular sportsbooks. FanDuel is it's largest rival, not just in PA, but across a number of states and the two undoubtedly have two of the best products on the Pennsylvanian market. As it stands, DraftKings offers an additional $25 in it's welcome bonus, so for us, we have to rank it just above FanDuel.

When it comes to NFL betting DraftKings has it all. Not only does it provide you with the largest selection of bets to chose from, but also some of the best value odds.


BettingScanner recommends for NFL sports betting in PA

Top Performer: DraftKings PA

Deposit Bonus of up to $1,000

The brand which began its life as a fantasy sports operator has made a seamless transition into the sports betting world. It simply has one of the best products on the market.

Best NFL Sportsbook in Indiana

We have to admit this is somewhat of an unusual choice. We usually recommend PointsBet for spread betting; a type of bet that provides both teams with a points handicap.

However, when it comes to NFL betting in Indiana we have to say this niched sportsbook delivers on all fronts.

Not only do PointsBet offer some of the best NFL odds, but their Indiana sportsbook app is arguably the best in the Hoosier State.

As FanDuel and DraftKings established themselves in NJ and PA, PointsBet decided to focus on the Hoosier State as well, building a highly optimized product. The Australian brand obviously felt at home in the Midwest and now it has gained significant popularity in the state.

When it comes to the NFL they offer excellent odds, especially for point spread betting. You can find some real value in the odds they offer for the Indianapolis Colts.

BettingScanner recommends for NFL sports betting in Indiana

Top Performer: PointsBet IN

Risk Free Bet up to $1,500

The Australian brand has invested a lot into their Indiana product and it shows! Their selection of NFL sports bets is excellent and their odds, especially for spread bets are second to none.

NFL Sportsbooks: Moneyline Betting

This is the most common form of betting on the NFL. When you place a moneyline wager you are backing either the underdog or the favourite to win outright. It’s the easiest type of bet to understand as a beginner and probably the first type of bet that people place.

Any sportsbook that offers betting on NFL, will offer moneyline odds as it’s the bread and butter of football betting.

NFL Moneyline (ML) odds explained

Moneylines odds are the type of odds used in the United States. In Europe, they use decimal odds, and in the UK they use fractions.

The underdog will be assigned a + symbol, whilst the favourite will be assigned a - symbol. In some instances, when the odds are even, both teams will be assigned a - symbol.

Numbers will appear next to the +/- symbols indicating how much you can expect to win according to your wager.

In short: A positive moneyline is the amount you will win if you put down $100 and a negative moneyline is how much you will need to bet to win $100.

How to calculate football moneylines

Working out how moneylines work, can be a bit frustrating at first. Everyone has their way of doing it, either in their head, online or on a bit of paper.

Eventually, you'll be able to calculate your payout in a second. Put the practice in now and we promise you it will be worth it.

An example of a football minus moneyline

To work out exactly how football moneylines work you can use the following formula to calculate potential winnings: which, after all, is what this is all about!

Let’s use the same example as above where you place a $20 wager on the New England Patriots at moneyline odds of -800

To calculate this you can use the following formula:

  • Winnings = (your stake / minus moneyline odds) x 100
  • Winnings = ($20 / 800) x 100
  • Winnings = (0.025) x100
  • Winnings = $2.50
NFL Best Sportsbooks
An example of a football plus moneyline

Let’s say you put down a $20 wager on the underdog, the Cleveland Browns, at moneyline odds of +500.

To calculate this you can use the following formula:

  • Winnings = (your stake x plus moneyline odds) /100
  • Winnings = ($20 x 500) /100
  • Winnings = 100000 / 100
  • Winnings = $100

Interesting fact more often than not the underdog covered, including a streak of six Super Bowls out of seven.

Pros and Cons with NFL moneylines

Moneyline bets are great because they are straightforward and ubiquitous. You simply won’t find a sportsbook that doesn’t offer moneyline bets on the NFL. This can be both a blessing and a curse, however.

Here we have listed some advantages and disadvantages with placing moneyline bets on the NFL:

Advantages with NFL moneyline bets 👍

  • They are always available. Every sportsbook that offers NFL betting will offer moneyline bets.
  • They are easy to understand. You will be hard-pressed to find a bettor who hasn’t placed a moneyline bet.

    Disadvantages with NFL moneyline bets 👎

    • Sportsbooks will have invested a lot of resources into perfecting their odds. You will find it hard to find really great value in big game moneyline odds.
    • There are three outcomes to a moneyline bet, but it can feel like two. Just like the green on the roulette table, it’s easy to forget that there is a third outcome, a draw. Moneyline bets are unforgiving from this perspective if it’s a draw you lose.
    • Emotions can play a part in moneyline bets. Many sports fans enjoy betting on their own team, which although understandable is not always the best idea. Sometimes your heart will trump your brain in this regard. We advise against betting on your own team when it comes moneyline betting.
    We recommend placing a moneyline bet on the following occasions:
    1. Neither team is the clear favourite. If one team is almost certain to win then the moneyline odds won’t offer you any real value.
    2. If you strongly believe that a team, that you do not support, will win and you feel that the market has undervalued them.
    3. It is your first bet. A moneyline bet is a great way to kick off your NFL betting experience. Start simple, and with a small wager.

    NFL Sportsbooks: Spread Betting

    Congratulations, you’ve reached the next skill level! Spread betting is where you can really hone your football betting skills. It’s also where you can start to find some really great value odds.

    This form of betting is popular with high scoring sports as it is decided by the point spread. These type of bets adds a points element to the outright bet and can help reduce the differences between the favourites and the underdogs.

    Like with moneyline betting, the underdog will be assigned a - symbol, whilst the favourite will be assigned a + symbol.

    Ironically, with spread bets, it is the favourite that is handed the handicap.

    Your sportsbook will look at all the factors that will lead to one team being considered the favourite. These factors will include; form, home/ away advantage/disadvantage, weather and more.

    Once it has been decided how much a team is a favourite or underdog, a numerical value will be attached to the teams reflecting this.

    Bettingscanner recommends for NFL spread betting

    Top Performer: Pointsbet

    Risk Free Bet up to $1,500

    The Australian company arrived on US shores with one target in mind - to dominate the spread betting market. With a focus on point spreads, rather than traditional forms of betting like moneylines, this sportsbook is the go-to place for spread betting.

    An example of an NFL spread bet

    The New England Patriots (-8) Cleveland Browns (+8)

    This number will then be added to the odds. Which will look like this:

    The New England Patriots -8 (-100) Cleveland Browns +8 (-100)

    This means, in effect, that your sportsbook rate the New England Patriots as 8 points better than the Cleveland Browns.

    So, say you decide to back The New England Patriots.

    There are three different outcomes that can occur:

    1. The New England Patriots win by more than eight points. You win.
    2. The New England Patriots win by exactly eight points. You get your wager returned.
    3. The New England Patriots lose, or they win but by less than eight points. You lose.
    When to place an NFL spread bet

    Placing a spread bet takes practice. You should not only fully understand how they work but also be comfortable with your sportsbook’s site. Make sure you start with small wagers with spread betting.

    Spread betting is usually a good option if there is one strong favourite.

    If this is the case, the value in a moneyline bet isn’t that attractive. Placing a spread bet, shortens the win/loss expectation. This will mean that backing the favourite will offer you more in return.

    NFL Sportsbooks: Halftime Lines betting

    Halftime lines are an example of in-play betting and are only available during half time. These odds will take into account what happened during the first half of the football game when they are set, but the outcome of the bet is actually unrelated to the first half.

    With this type of betting you should really think of the second half as its own game.

    When you use this form of betting, you’ll start to see the football game differently. For example, you could bet on a team to win the second half and win your bet, but they actually lose the game as a whole.

    BettingScanner's advice

    Halftime betting has increased in popularity over the years, especially in Europe where there are fewer restrictions, thanks to the use of your smartphone.

    This is something to keep in mind when choosing your sportsbook even today, as you will need a highly mobile-optimized site or app.

    We would suggest that you only use this form of betting when you are in no way emotionally involved. Placing an in-play bet at halftime on a game which involves a team you support is not always a good idea. Betting should never be done in the heat of the moment or when you are not thinking straight.

    Having said that, halftime betting can be a great option for a neutral who is actually attending a game. At an NFL game, you’ll be able to pick up on things that the cameras and stats - which is what your sportsbook use - won’t.

    NFL Halftime Lines odds explained

    Let’s say that the Houston Texans play the Jacksonville Jaguars.

    At half time the score is:

    Houston Texans 20 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars 15

    Your sportsbook offers you the following odds:

    Houston Texans -3 (-100) Jacksonville Jaguars +3 (-100)

    After analysing the first half you predict that the Texans will continue to outplay the Jacksonville Jaguars, so you place a wager on them to win with a spread of -3.

    There will be three possible outcomes:

    1. The Texans win the second half by more than 3 points. You win.
    2. The Texans win the second half by exactly 3 points. You get your money back.
    3. The Texans win the second half, but by less than 3 points or The Jacksonville Jaguars win the second half. You lose.

    NFL Sportsbooks: Parlay betting

    This form of betting, known as an accumulator in Europe, means you add bets together to achieve a higher payout.

    These type of bets can seem attractive as they can generate great returns.

    With some sportsbooks, you can smash together around 15 bets

    So you can imagine the amazing payoffs you can get. However, you have to ask yourself, how often in football can you predict 15 outcomes correctly?

    However ‘safe’ you feel your bets are, each time you lay a parlay (excuse the pun) you eat away at the probability of each of your bets coming off.

    It might seem less fun, but you are often much better off placing individual bets. Parlay betting, in our opinion, is much more relevant for office pools and amongst friends.

    BettingScanner's advice

    Remember bookies will always offer you their odds before you place your bet. We recommend you open a wagering slip for each individual bet, look at what you could win and then open up a slip for a parlay that includes the same bets.

    Then you can compare how much value there is in going with the parlay compared to the individual bets. It might take a little more time, but it could win you a few more dollars in return!

    NFL Sportsbooks: Teasers

    A teaser bet is, like parlay betting, a collection of two or more bets, but with your line adjusted in your favour. To what extent depends on how many points your teaser has; there are three main NFL teasers 7,6.6 and 6.

    Sound complicated? Here is an example:

    An example of an NFL teaser bet

    You want to bet on the New England Patriots +5 and the Cleveland Browns -4.5

    If you are given a 6.5 point teaser the spread will shift to New England Patriots +11.5 and the Cleveland Browns -2.

    The fact that you are given a point teaser means that the payout will be less than for a parlay. Each time you add a bet to your teaser the odds will increase.

    NFL Sportsbooks: Over/Under or Totals

    This type of bet is pretty straight forward. Here you will simply be betting on whether there will be more or fewer points scored than a predetermined amount in a football game.

    An example of NFL Over/Under or Totals

    The Kansas City Chiefs are playing the New England Patriots.

    Your sportsbook have set the predetermined over/under points total at 40.5.

    They are offering over 40.5 at -100 and under 40.5 at -120.

    This means that you can bet on only two outcomes:

    1. 41 points and more
    2. 40 points or less

    The addition of decimals can seem confusing at first, but it’s simply there to eradicate a third possibility: the exact number of points being scored. Think of it like eradicating the 0 in a game of roulette.

    NFL Sportsbooks: Futures

    Believe it or not, these are bets that will occur in the future!

    They are often released just after an event has finished. So you will be able to place a future on who will win the 2022 Super Bowl right after the 2020 Super Bowl.

    BettingScanner's advice

    Don’t put down too much on a future. It can be a really great way to spice up a whole season, but they are some of the most unpredictable bets around.

    You really can never predict a season in advance. You can find some of the best odds on the underdogs an NFL season in advance, but with such good odds, you really don’t need a very high wager.

    Does the NFL consider betting legal?

    The NFL, had been the most resistant to change after the Supreme Court ruled the federal ban on sports betting unconstitutional compared to the NBA, NHL and MLB. However, eventually the lure of extra revenue pushed them over the line and this year they signed an official partnership with Caesars Entertainment.

    Caesars Sportsbook

    Bet up to $1,250 Risk Free

    Caesars signed an official partnership with the NFL in 2019.

    The NFL had been reluctant to follow a similar path when the NBA, NHL and MLB signed with MGM Resorts. The NFL had argued that allowing sports betting on their league would threaten the integrity of the league. But the need to be seen as the wholesome all-American league was trumped by the lure of the big bucks.

    Although they do not want to be openly seen as promoting sports betting, the partnership with a major betting company made it obvious that they had opened up the league to sports betting.

    In February 2020 the NFL softened their approach to sports betting even further, when they announced that they would allow sportsbook operators to strike deals with NFL teams. This means that sportsbooks will be allowed to place lounges in the football stadiums as well as advertisements. NFL teams are not allowed to sell training facility naming rights, team controlled broadcast advertising and shoulder programming.