PointsBet Sportsbook review:

PointsBet Sportsbook

2x risk free bets worth $2,000

PointsBet Sportsbook overview

Nils Edmondson

Nils Edmondson

Pointsbet is an Australian company, that launched in the US in 2019.

The sportsbook places a heavy emphasis on point spread betting, a unique form of betting where you are rewarded, or docked points, according to how wrong or right a bet was.

PointsBet is operational in:

  • New Jersey
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Illinois
  • Michigan
  • Colorado

PointsBet Sportsbook score

  • The best in its niche: points betting
  • Large selection of NBA, NHL, MLB and NFL bets
  • Great customer service (including a live chat)
  • Wide selection of payment options inc PayPal
  • Best risk-free sign-up bonus in town
  • No product in Pennsylvania
Bonus offer
Betting variety
Mobile experience
Payment options
Betting experience

PointsBet Sportsbook: everything you need to know

PointsBet has finally made it stateside, thanks to the legalizing of online sports betting in the USA. The Australian sportsbook is unique in a number of aspects and well worth checking out. Here we list some of the main advantages and disadvantages. Further down you will find a more in-depth review of PointsBet.

PointsBet Sportsbook: the good 👍

  • On Point. Literally, Pointsbet does exactly what it says on the tin, in that it offers a unique high reward (high) risk points betting option. We explain more below.
  • Incredible sign-up bonus. You can get 2 Risk-Free Bets of up to $2,000 if you sign up with the bonus above.
  • Pro American Sports Betting. There is a huge selection of bets available for the NBA, NHL, MLB and NFL.
  • Payment options. Visa, Mastercard, online banking and PayPal are all accepted.
  • Customer Service. PointsBet offers a live chat, as well as other options. They are quick to respond and helpful.

PointsBet Sportsbook: the bad 👎

  • No PA product (yet). With a top-rate product, PointsBet should be operational in such an important market.

PointsBet Sportsbook - Betscanner's Final Verdict

PointsBet is a great sportsbook with a completely unique offering.

The brand made a name for itself in Australia when it offered a new form of betting, where punters would be rewarded or docked points for how wrong or write their bet was.

It's an exciting deviation from the sports betting norm and something we highly recommend you try, especially if your good at predicting major upsets.

But it's not just built a reputation for itself as a novelty bookie. It also offers an excellent selection of standard fixed odds for a large number of sporting events.

In short, you'll find everything you need in a standard sportsbook plus an incredibly fun points betting add-on.

What is Points Betting?

PointsBetting is not the same as fixed-odds betting, where you place place a bet at odds set by the sportsbook and then either win or loose (and sometimes draw).

With pointsbetting there is scale to winning where you are either rewarded or docked points according to how right or wrong your bet was.

With pointsbetting every point above or below the total multiplies your original stake.

Here is an example:

  • The Chicago Bears play the Tennessee Titans.
  • You think it will be a low scoring game, so you place a $10 bet on under 50 points scored.
  • It turns our you are right with only 40 points scored.
  • You therefore have a 10 point win. 10x£10 = 100.
Best Sportsbook PointsBet

PointsBet sportsbook review

PointsBet arrived on American shores in Jan 2019, after teaming up with Meadowlands Racetrack in New Jersey, one of the first states to legalize online sports betting. The company, originally from the land down under immediately embraced the American market, focusing on the pro leagues.

They wasted no time in signing NBA and NFL legends Farmer Allen Iverson and Darelle Revis as brand ambassadors.

They also launched an incredibly generous deposit bonus, one of the largest we have ever seen. These guys mean business!

PointsBet offers a decent range of sports to bet on. They also claim to offer the largest selection of betting markets for the NBA and NFL. These include:

  • Quarterback Completion %
  • Player Rushing Yards * Player Receiving Yards
  • Time of First Touchdown (in seconds)
  • Player Shooting Percentages (Field Goal %, Free Throw %, 3Pt %, etc.)
  • Time of the first basket by player
  • Player points multiples (Q1 pts multiplied by Q2 points),
  • Time in minutes played for players to pass 5pts/10pts/15pts etc,
  • Longest made FG distance in feet
  • Player Points * Assists * Rebounds

Most importantly, the online sportsbook has carved out a niche for themselves in the form of points betting. We explain how this form of betting works below, but needless to say, if you are looking for points betting then you need to look no further than PointsBet.

Their website is a little on the dark and dingy side, but it works well. It easy to navigate, does not lag and we have not encountered any problems with it. Their customer service is very good and also reliable.

In conclusion, we can highly recommend this tried and tested sportsbook, which not only offers a standard selection of fixed bets but also a new and exciting form of betting.

Points Betting Explained

This is an entirely different way of betting to the standard fixed odds betting. With fixed odds betting you can bet on one team to win and if you win or lose depending on that outcome. With the traditional form of betting, you do not win or lose more or less depending on the margin of that win or loss.

With points betting the amount you win or lose from your wager changes according to how far away from the line the final result is.

So, if you back the Lakers to win, you will lose if they lose, but the amount you win if they win will depend on how many points they score.

This type of betting will potentially get you more returns, but it is also a riskier form of betting. The odds will always be adjusted to account for the points spread. So, don’t think that it’s a traditional bet but with an added bonus of a bigger win if the points are higher.

That’s not to say that this form of betting can’t be a good idea sometimes. If you feel that more of the risk lies in the amount a team will win by rather than them actually winning, then that might be a good example of when you should use this form of betting.

Put simply, if the team you back wins big then so do you.

It is also important to think about what sport you are points betting on. For example, soccer would not be a good sport to bet with points, considering how low scoring it is. The NBA or NFL would be better sports to points bet on.

As we mentioned earlier, PointsBet is the only sportsbook in the USA that is currently offering points betting. So, if you fancy testing out this form of betting then you’ve found your sportsbook!


PointsBet sportsbook app

The PointsBet mobile app is an excellent product that offers the same service as their desktop site. You can place standard fixed, in-play and points bets on your mobile just as you can with your desktop. You can find a link to the sportsbook app on their website.

We found their app to be a no-frills way to place your bets with PointsBet. For a sportsbook that offers such a unique niche, they need their USP - points betting - to work perfectly on all platforms, which it does.

PointsBet offers a sportsbook app for both iOS and Android devices.

PointsBet welcome bonus

Wow. Just wow. PointsBet’s sign-up bonus is simply incredible. Let's break it down:

Part 1: A $500 fixed-odds risk-free bet

This means that you can place a bet for up to $500 on a standard bet and if you lose this bet you will get your money back.

Part 2: A $1,500 points-bet risk-free bet

This is an incredible risk-free opportunity to try out PointBetting. The offer allows you to place a points-bet of up to $1,000 and if you lose this bet you will get your money back.

PointsBet multi-bets

PointsBet offer a great selection of Parlays. They have really grown this section since they launched in 2019.

Recently, they launched a parlay multiple bets from one NFL game.

PointsBet offer Parlays for a number of different sports including NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, UFC, tennis, Soccer and more.

When the sportsbook launched in 2019, they did not offer teasers which was a major drawback. However, they have now rectified this and have an excellent selection of parlays.

Pointsbet deposit & withdrawal

There are a number of payment options available for withdrawals and deposits.

PointsBet Card This is the easiest way to deposit and withdraw with PointsBet. The card effectively works like a prepaid credit or debit card.

PayPal This is incredibly popular method, as it circumvents some of the restrictions placed on you by banks.

ACH/Check This method pulls funds directly from your checking account. Make sure that you keep on an eye on how much you are withdrawing from your account.

PayWithMyBank With this service you can pay directly with your online bank account and avoid cards and a registration process.

PayNearMe A similar service to PayWithMyBank that allows you to pay where and when you want.

How to Withdraw from PointsBet with PayPal

Step 1: Click on the Dropdown Menu > Click on Withdraw > Select 'PayPal'

Step 2: Enter your Withdrawal amount and click the yellow 'PayPal' bar

Step 3: Enter your PayPal information into the correct boxes to link it. Then confirm the account you want to withdraw to.

Note: If you click 'Credit or Debit Card' it will prompt you to enter your card details and create a PayPal account.

Step 4 : Enter your PointsBet password to securely finish requesting the withdrawal and submit

PointsBet Promos

PointsBet are big on their promos as you can probably tell from their sign-up bonus. One thing about their promos that we really appreciate is the fact that they offer them for a range of different sports including, soccer, F1, tennis, basketball, baseball, football and hockey.

The types of promos can range from home run bonus bets to boosted odds. They certainly keep you on your toes with all their promotions. We recommend you keep checking their promotions page to keep yourself updated.

They even have a ‘name a bet’ option where you can go on social media and request a bet by tweeting @PointsBetUSA. We have seen some other sportsbooks who have done this before and it can be a great way to engage their customers on social media.

Betting on Table Tennis with PointsBet

In 2020 and 2021 table tennis has emerged as one of the nation's favorite sports to place a wager on.

The obscurity of the sport and the scoring system means it is more likely you will find value in odds for table tennis than for a major league game.

PointsBet is the perfect sportsbook for this type of sport. You can read more on the subject in our article: How to win big in 2021 by betting on table tennis.


How do I contact PointsBet?

You can contact PointsBet by e-mail or live chat. You can find the details to these at the bottom of their homepage.

How does PointBets spread work?

PointBets spread works by altering the amount you win or lose according to how many points the team you have backed wins or loses by.

You can read more about points betting here.

Who owns PointsBet?

PointsBet is an Australian company that was founded in 2017. It has now partnered with Meadowlands Racetrack in New Jersey. They launched their US site in 2018.

Is PointsBet legit?

Yes. They are a reputable sportsbook that follows all the guidelines and laws in the US.

They launched in the US in 2019, and are not legal in a number of states including New Jersey, Illinois, Indiana and Iowa.

Here is a review of PointsBet.

Does PointsBet have an android app?

Yes. PointsBet’s mobile app is available on both Android and iOS.

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