NHL sportsbooks

It is now possible to bet on the NHL online in the US. Let the fun begin!

Best sportsbooks for NHL

Rank Bonus Turnover Min odds 
21+ | Play responsibly | Terms & conditions apply

$500 risk-free bet

Turnover: 1x bonus amount

Lowest odds: -200

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Up to $500 risk-free bet

Turnover: 1x bonus amount

Lowest odds:

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Matched first deposit up to $150 + $10 no deposit free bet

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Lowest odds:

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100% match up to $250 on first deposit

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Lowest odds:

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$20 no deposit free bet + up to $100 matched deposit bonus

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Lowest odds:

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$10 no deposit free bet + up to $300 matched deposit bonus

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Lowest odds: -200

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$25 no deposit free bet + up to $500 deposit bonus + up to $500 free bet

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matched bonus up to $500 & $10 no deposit free bet

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Deposit $50 get $150 bonus

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FAQS about betting on the NHL

Gambling on Ice Hockey can win you some big money, but you need to know your stuff before you place that first bet.

Is it legal to bet on the NHL?

Yes. Betting in the USA has recently been legalized at the national level.

Now, it is up to each state to decide whether you can bet within their borders or not.

So, we advise you read our state sportsbook guides to check the situation in your current location.

What sportsbook partner with the NHL

playMGM, FanDuel and William Hill all have partnerships with the NHL.

What type of bet is the most popular with ice hockey?

Moneyline is the most popular form of betting when it comes to ice hockey.

This simply requires you to back an outright winner. This does not mean that it is the best type of betting for ice hockey.

There are a number of other betting types you can read about above that are likely to offer better value odds.

What is the best sportsbook for the NHL

We have playMGM at the top of our list, mainly because they have the most exclusive partnership with the NHL, which includes access to the most amount of data. This makes the customer experience just that bit better than the other sportsbooks offering NHL betting.

How to bet on the NHL

At bettingscanner.com we have an international team, including people from countries where ice hockey is a major national sport. For all of us who are into ice hockey, the NHL remains the league which we all bet on.

The NHL is the league with all the best players which offers us thirty teams from the US and Canada with an 82-game regular season; what more could you want?

Well, there is more. Once the regular season (October-April) is over, the teams compete in a round-robin for a place in the Stanley Cup playoffs. The Stanley Cup final remains one of the biggest events in the sports betting industry.

Before you start betting on the NHL though it is imperative that you understand what types of odds and bets you can expect from your sportsbook.

Owlie NHL

bettingscanner recommends

Top Performer: PlayMGM

$500 risk-free bet

When it comes to NHL betting we have a clear frontrunner in PlayMGM. They have the most extensive partnership with the NHL, which means they also have the most extensive range of bets and stats for NHL sports betting.

Best Sportsbook for NHL betting in New Jersey

If you are based in New Jersey and you like to bet on the NHL then you are in luck. The state is leading the way when it comes to online sports betting in the US.

The sportsbooks which have launched in the state are also acutely aware that the NHL is huge in New Jersey. Home to the New Jersey Devils, Ice Hockey is embedded in the DNA of NJ.

That means it is hard to choose one sportsbook which is the best for the NHL in NJ. If we had to pick one though we would recommend William Hill.

The British sportsbook has chosen NJ as it's base for online sports betting in the US and even decided to sponsor the Devils as well as the NHL itself. We find that they have the best odds and selection of bets for the NHL, but FanDuel are a close behind.

What makes the best sportsbook for NHL betting

When it comes to the NHL, some sportsbooks have decided to go all-in, whereas others have focused more on the NFL, NBA or MLB. PlayMGM are the sportsbook that we can see have really focused completely on the NHL.

But what is it that makes a sportsbook really the perfect fit forr NHL betting. Well here are the factors we look for:

  • Ice Hockey specific bets: Fancy a placing a puckline or a Grand Salami? well, believe it or not, some sportsbooks don't always offer these, esecially the latter.
  • Odds: We make sure we know what sportsbooks offer the best odds.
  • In-play betting: No betting experience is complete without in-play. Ice-Hockey is a particularly good sport for this with two breaks between the three periods and time-outs.
  • A great mobile app: Most bettors prefer to bet on their mobiles.

NHL betting moneylines explained

Moneylines are the most common form of bet in almost any sport. A moneyline is simply backing who you think will win the game.

The favourite will be marked with the symbol (+) and the underdog will be marked with the symbol (-). After this symbol, your sportsbook will provide you with the juice, or odds.

                                An example of an NHL moneyline

                                The New York Rangers are playing the Washington Capitals.

                                The Washington Capitals are the favourites for this game and the New York Rangers are considered the underdogs.

                                The Washington Capitals are given a moneyline of -200 and the New York Rangers are given a moneyline of +150.

                                The Washington Capitals are in form and you agree with your sportsbook that they should win, so you decide to put down $50 on them.

                                There are two potential outcomes for your bet:

                                1. The Washington Capitals win. You receive your $50 wager back and $25 in profit ($75 total).
                                2. The game ends in a draw or The New York Rangers win. The Sportsbook wins.
                                NY Rangers Washington Capitals NHL Moneylines

                                Moneyline betting: New York Rangers vs. Washington Capitals

                                When to place a moneyline on the NHL

                                Moneyline betting is a great way to start if you are new to the world of online sports betting. It is the most common form of betting and also the most available. However, it may not always bring the most value.

                                We have listed some advantages and disadvantages with moneyline betting to give you an idea of when to use it.

                                Advantages with NHL moneyline betting 👍

                                • You can always find moneyline bets on the NHL. It will always be the first bet that a sportsbook offers for a game.
                                • They are straightforward. Moneyline betting is great for beginners.

                                Disadvantages with NHL moneyline betting 👎

                                • Especially for the big games, it will be hard to find really great value odds for the NHL. Sportsbooks will invest a vast amount of resources into getting these odds just right.
                                • It’s hard to place a moneyline bet on your own team. It’s a classic mistake, especially for beginners, to merge fanship with your betting. You want nothing more than your team to win outright, don’t let that blur your betting clarity. A deep understanding of your team might put you at an advantage with other bets, such as goals scored.
                                How to calculate NHL moneyline bets

                                Plus moneylines

                                Let’s say you put down a $50 wager on the underdog, the New York Rangers, at moneyline odds of +150

                                To calculate this you can use the following formula:

                                • Winnings = (your stake x plus moneyline odds) /100
                                • Winnings = ($50 x 150) /100
                                • Winnings = 7500 / 100
                                • Winnings = $75

                                minus moneylines

                                Another way of understanding ice hockey money lines is to learn how to calculate the potential winnings.

                                Let’s use the same example as above where you place a $50 wager at moneyline odds of -200

                                To calculate this you can use the following formula:

                                1. Winnings = (your stake / minus moneyline odds) x 100
                                2. Winnings = ($50 / 200) x 100
                                3. Winnings = (0.25) x100
                                4. Winnings = $25

                                NHL pucklines

                                Pucklines are a popular type of bet which only really exists in ice hockey. This form of betting usually places both teams with a 1.5 plus or minus handicap. Bettors using the puck line can lay 1.5 goals with the favourite or take 1.5 goals with the underdog.

                                Pucklines, like runlines in baseball, requires you to reverse an in-built logic in your head.

                                With the addition of the 1.5 goals, the favourite can become the underdog and vice versa, as it now means the original favourite must win by 2 or more goals. Your online sportsbook will always use a .5 decimal to prevent pushes.

                                An example of an NHL puckline

                                The Washington Capitals are given a moneyline of -200 and the New York Rangers are given a moneyline of +150.

                                This means that the Washington Capitals are favourites, so a puck line bet could look like this

                                Washington Capitals -1.5 (+180) New York Rangers +1.5 (-140)

                                Here you can see that to win the bet, Washington Capitals must win by 2 goals to win the bet.

                                Say then, you still back the original favourites, The Washington Capitals (now the underdogs) with a $10 wager. This could result in two possible outcomes:

                                1. The Washington Capitals win by two goals or more. You receive your original $10 wager back and $18 in winnings.
                                2. The Washington Capitals win by one goal, the game ends as a draw or The New York Rangers win. The sportsbook wins.

                                NHL Over/Under or Totals betting

                                This type of betting is very popular with NHL fans. It simply requires you to predict whether there will be more goals in a game than a number predetermined by your sportsbook.

                                With NHL total betting, sportsbooks usually place that number between 5 and 6.5 but it can vary. Although betting totals is a popular betting form in many sports, sportsbooks treat totals betting in ice hockey slightly differently. Football and basketball are much higher scoring than ice hockey so sportsbooks will be more likely to adjust the odds than changing the over/under total.

                                Totals can be useful in certain situations, perhaps when the outcome of the game is hard to call, due to both teams either having very strong, or very weak defences.

                                This might make it hard to call the game but easier to call the number of goals in a game.

                                An example of an NHL total

                                The Boston Bruins are playing the Maple Leafs. You have studied their head to head record and their current goalscoring stats and decided that this will be a high scoring game. The totals offered are:

                                • Boston Bruins vs. Maple Leafs over 5.5 (-110)
                                • Boston Bruins vs. Maple Leafs under 5.5 (-110)
                                • The bookies remain undecided and have offered the same odds for both potential over/under scores. You place $10 on over 5.5 goals.

                                There are two possible outcomes to your bet:

                                1. There are over 5 goals in the game. You get your original $10 returned and $9.09 in winnings. $19.09 in total.
                                2. There are 5 goals or under in the game. The sportsbook wins.
                                BettingScanner explains:

                                when the same over/under odds are offered it is known as a ‘5.5-flat’.

                                NHL Grand Salami

                                This is a bet that is completely unique to ice hockey and is simply great fun. It is effectively an over/under or totals bet for the entire game day.

                                With a Grand Salami, your online sportsbook will offer total goals for all the games being played in a day.

                                An example of an NHL Grand Salami

                                There are 10 matches in an NHL game day. The bookies are offering the following:

                                Over 55.5 goals (-120) Under 55.5 goals (-110)

                                You believe that there will be a lot of goals. You place $25 on over 55.5 goals at odds of -120.

                                There are two potential outcomes:

                                1. There are over 55.5 goals. You get your $25 wager back and $20.83 in profit.
                                2. There are under 55.5 goals. The sportsbook wins.

                                NHL Stanley Cup betting

                                The pinnacle of the ice hockey calendar is undoubtedly the Stanley Cup playoffs and final.

                                The elimination tournament which consists of four rounds of best-of-seven series is also the most popular time of year for ice hockey bettors all around the world.

                                It’s also the time of year that US sportsbooks will focus primarily on the sport of ice hockey, especially around the final date, where amateur bettors will join the more experienced bettors for a wager. This means that there will be a flood of promotions and offers in the build-up to the final, as sportsbooks try and attract ice hockey fans who are flirting with the idea of sports betting.

                                The majority of these promos will focus on new customers, enticing them with enhanced odds, and hoping they’ll be bitten by the betting bug once they are all signed up. These promotions and bonuses can be both a blessing and a curse. The enhanced odds can seem really attractive and sometimes they are, but it is important to always read the small print and know what you are signing up for.