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$250 risk-free bet & 2x$10 no deposit bonus

Unibet overview

Nils Edmondson

Nils Edmondson

Unibet belongs to Kindred Group - an online gambling operator based in Malta. Unibet launched its website in 1999. The Company now has offices in the UK, US, Italy, Australia as well as many others.

Unibet are operational in the following states:

  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania

Unibet score

  • Trustworthy
  • Great mobile betting
  • Wide variety of sports events
  • Every type of bet available
  • No app for iOS users in PA
Bonus offer
Betting variety
Mobile experience
Payment options
Betting experience
Unibet quick facts
Deposit methodsVISA/Mastercard, PayPal, ACH, Unibet Prepaid Play+ Card, PayNearMe, Cash (in-person at Hard Rock Casino, AC)
Withdrawal methodsVISA/Mastercard, Unibet Prepaid Play+ Card, PayNearMe, ACH
Odds providerKambi
Betting functionsmoneyline, point spread, totals, parlays, props, teasers, futures, in-play
Appsandroid, iOS
Supportlive-chat, phone, e-mail
OwnerKindred Group
Founded Year1997

Unibet Sportsbook

Unibet may not be that well known in the US yet, but rest assured they are a global powerhouse. The sportsbook is one of the most reliable and popular sportsbooks outside of the US.

The sportsbook has now launched in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, bringing with them over 20 years of experience to the states.

Unibet Sportsbook: the good 👍

Trust: We understand that Unibet might not be the biggest brand in the US, but it is globally. The company is used and trusted by millions of users around the world.

Mobile Betting: We can't really top their mobile offering. You have everything you need at your fingertips. Seamless, reliable and easy to use.

Variety of sports events: The number of sports you can bet on at Unibet are endless. Fancy betting on the Superbowl? no problem. Fancy betting on a Lithuanian second division soccer match? no problem. You simply won't find a better selection of events.

Variety of bets: This is where their experience comes in to play. Unibet has been in every market possible, so over the years, they have added every type of bet to their portfolio. Parlays, in-play, teasers - whatever it is they're offering it!

Unibet Sportsbook: the bad 👎

No app for iOS users in PA: This looks like a temporary situation, but it's still a big drawback. Due to Apple's regulations, they must build an app specifically for each state, so Unibet has had to start from scratch with their mobile app. There is a way around it (see below)

How to download the Unibet sportsbook app for iOS users in PA
  1. Download the Geoguard Location Validator App
  2. Enable Location service on your Apple device
  3. Allow pop messages from Unibet
  4. Open your internet browser and sign-up to Unibet (keep your Geoguard app open)

Unibet Sportsbook Verdict

We are very impressed with Unibet's entry into the US market. Our team at BettingScanner have 20 years of experience in this industry and we know the company well. So far, they have managed to bring their excellent product to a new market and added a decisively American twist.

There appear to be a couple of teething issues, such as iOS app downloads, but most of these are out of their control and are bound to happen in such a new market.


Is Unibet legal in NJ?

Yes, Unibet is now legal in New Jersey. The sportsbook has its own app specifically for New Jersey. You will have to be within state borders in order to bet with the NJ app.

Is Unibet legal in PA?

Yes, the sportsbook has now launched in Pennsylvania. The app is currently not available for iOS products.

Is Unibet safe?

Yes. Unibet is 100% trustworthy. The company has been around for over 20 years and is trusted by millions of users the world over.

Just make sure you are following all the rules and you will be fine. This means that if you are signing up to the NJ app, for example, you are within state borders and not using a VPN to obscure your real location.

Is the Unibet sportsbook app available on Android?

You can download the app on Android devices, but you must temporarily allow your device to allow downloads from 'unknown devices'.

This might go against your instinct, but the Unibet app is trustworthy, it is just that Google Play does not want to encourage gambling apps.

How do you use Unibet's bonus bet

Unibet offers two types of bonuses when you sign-up

  1. The Unibet sportsbook no deposit bonus: This means that you will be given a pair of x $10 free bets, without having to put any money into your account. Think of a free bet as a voucher, so it is not cash that you can just withdraw. You will need to win money with the free bets, then the money is yours. This type of bet is a great way to practice placing bets online without the risk.
  2. The Unibet Sportsbook Deposit Bonus: This type of bet means that you effectively have full refund insurance for your first wager. So you if you lose your first wager, you will be refunded all of the money. Sounds great right? Want to hear the really great news - this wager can be up to $250!

Which sports teams to Unibet sponsor?

In the US, Unibet sponsor the New Jersey Devils and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Unibet Full Review

Unibet has finally arrived on US shores! The global sportsbook has enjoyed enormous success over the years in a number of markets around the world. Now, they have set their sights on the US.

Brand awareness amongst Americans is still very low, in BettingScanner's 2020 poll we found that only 2.4% of Americans were aware of Unibet. Compare this with 43.8% who were aware of DraftKings and you can see that Unibet have their work cut out.

However, with such a tried and tested product we don't see it being long before the sportsbook has established itself as one of the big names in the US.

States where Unibet is up and running

New Jersey: The sportsbook is now up and running in the state with a fully operational customized app. In a bid to win over the locals, Unibet has also decided to sponsor the New Jersey Devils.

Pennsylvania: The sportsbook launched in PA in 2019, but their app is still not available for iOS users. We expect to see one in 2020.

Unibet - mobile app

Put simply - this is one of the best sportsbook apps out there. The only downside is that it can be very tricky to download.

The app itself is a polished product which offers a seamless customer journey.

You can find all the bets that are available on its desktop version. It is user-friendly and has an outstanding in-play selection.

We can't emphasise enough how important it is to have an app that works when it comes to in-play betting. As the action and bets are live, you cannot afford to have any bugs or delays getting in your way.

If you are based in New Jersey, then you won't have much of a problem. Unibet now have an app customized for the state available for NJ users. If you are based in PA however, you will need to use a geolocation tool. We have listed instructions above. The reason behind this is because Apple requires Unibet to create a fully unique app for each state. Since they launched in New Jersey first, the Pennsylvania app development has taken a little longer.

Unibet: Odds

The two most important factors to us here at BettingScanner is that the sportsbook is trustworthy and that it offers value in its odds. Unibet offers both.

Their odds for the big events, are usually around or just above the market average.

But as you burrow down into the more niched events you are able to find some really great value odds.

We have seen very few bets where the value in Unibet's odds fall below the market average. With Unibet, you are guaranteed a consistent and reliable value in their odds.

Unibet: Variety of bets

Another string to Unibet's bow is that they have one of the widest selections of bets on offer. This means that you are more likely to find value in their odds as you have more ways to approach an event than a simple moneyline. A wider selection of bets also means you have more ways to utilize your knowledge of a sport or a team.

With Unibet you can bet:

  • In-game
  • Moneylines
  • Point spreads
  • Totals
  • Futures
  • Parlays
  • Teasers
  • Props
  • Round Robins

Unibet: Variety of sports on offer

We would list all the sports on offer with Unibet but we are afraid we would run out of space. In short - if it's an official sport Unibet are probably accepting bets for it!

Here is where their experience can be felt. With 20 years in the market and customers all over the world, their product is designed to offer a wide array of sports.

You will find all the American sports; baseball, football and basketball but also sports like Australian Rules and Cricket. Put simply - you will always have an event to bet, whatever time of day it is.

Unibet: Welcome bonuses

Now we are getting to the fun stuff!

Unibet's welcome bonuses come in two parts. Let us explain.

  • Step 1: Unibet's sportsbook no deposit welcome bonus: The sportsbook is currently offering new customers two $10 free bets as soon as you sign up but before you make a deposit. This is incredibly generous as you, as a customer have made no guarantee that you will spend any money yet. The free bets are a form of voucher, so you will need to spend them with Unibet.
  • Step 2: Unibet's sportsbook deposit bonus: This requires more commitment than step 1 but remains low-risk for you financially. Unibet is currently offering you a refund on your first cash bet with Unibet. The bet must be between $10 and $250. Of course, this requires you to actually deposit money into your account.

Compared to other sportsbooks, it is not the most eye-popping, but it still offers great value with almost no risk. Other sportsbooks can offer huge sums in matched bets, but this requires you to take more risk. Most other sportsbooks do not offer a no-deposit bonus. This is an unusual and incredibly generous feature - how many other companies would give you a $20 voucher to simply sign-up?

Unibet customer service

Unibet offer the best customer service out of any sportsbook at the moment.

You can live chat with a customer service agent almost any time of the day, seven days a week. They are helpful and quick to respond. You can also enter your query and find auto-generated responses that will often contain the information you need.

You can also call their customer support and speak to someone over the phone.

  • New Jersey Unibet Customer Service Support: 1-855-655-6310
  • Pennsylvania Unibet Customer Service Support: 1-877-286-5303

Unibet Sportsbook - Payment options

Unibet offer one of the widest varieties of payment options out there. Unfortunately, they do not currently offer Neteller. They currently offer the following methods:

  • Visa/Mastercard
  • E-check/AC - online bank transfer
  • PayPal
  • PayNearMe cash deposits - availble at 7Eleven and CVS pharmacy
  • Play+ - Unibet's prepaid card
  • Cash deposit: You can deposit in cash at the Mohegan Sun Pocono casino cage in Pennsylvania.

Unibet Sportsbook - Appearance

Unibet's graphic profile is a distinctive one. A mixture of green and white, it has never been considered particularly attractive.

The aesthetics can appear clunky, and a bit old fashioned. It doesn't feel like an awful amount of love has gone into how it looks.

Usually, we would say this shouldn't matter that much as long as the odds are great and everything works. But we have to admit if you are a regular user it can start to impact the customer experience.

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