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Best tennis sportsbook in New Jersey

888 Sport

Most Trusted Sportsbook
  • Huge depth in betting options and sports offered
  • Highly competitive odds
  • Deposits accepted via Paypal, VISA/Mastercard and Neteller
  • A trustworthy brand
  • Only available in New Jersey
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Website: Founded: 2008
Owner: Avi Shaked, Aaron Shaked, Shay Ben-Yitzhak, Ron Ben-YitzhakHeadquarters: Gibraltar


Author: Nils Edmondson Nils Edmondson

888Sport is one of the largest betting companies in the world. It entered the US market in 2013 when it opened in Las Vegas.

It's online sportsbooks is now active in:

  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
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  • A global trustworthy brand
  • A huge selection of secure payment options
  • An excellent variety of sports events
  • High value odds
  • Only available in New Jersey and Colorado (so far)
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Website: Founded: 2000
Owner: Bet365 Group LTDHeadquarters: Stoke-on-Trent, UK


Author: Nils Edmondson Nils Edmondson

The sports betting giant has now arrived on American shores. The sportsbook which boasts over 45 million customers globally is now online in New Jersey.

The global brand is still a relative unknown in the US, but with the company's track record in other markets, we expect this is just the beginning of their US journey.

Bet365 are operational in the following states:

  • New Jersey
  • Colorado
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Best tennis sportsbook in Pennsylvania


Best for NJ sports
  • Trustworthy
  • Great mobile betting
  • Wide variety of sports events
  • Every type of bet available
  • No app for iOS users in PA
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Website: Founded: 1997
Owner: Kindred GroupHeadquarters: Malta


Author: Nils Edmondson Nils Edmondson

Unibet belongs to Kindred Group - an online gambling operator based in Malta. Unibet launched its website in 1999. The Company now has offices in the UK, US, Italy, Australia as well as many others.

Unibet are operational in the following states:

  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
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Best tennis sportsbook in Indiana


  • The best in its niche: points betting
  • Large selection of NBA, NHL, MLB and NFL bets
  • Great customer service (including a live chat)
  • Lack of college sports bets
  • No PayPal payment option
  • No teaser bets
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Website: pointsbet.comFounded: 2017
Owner: PointsbetHeadquarters: New Jersey
Screenshot 2020 03 30 at 20 23 03


Author: Nils Edmondson Nils Edmondson

Pointsbet is an Australian company, that launched in the US in 2019. It is now active online in New Jersey and Iowa.

The sportsbook places a heavy emphasis on point spread betting.

PointsBet is operational in:

  • New Jersey
  • Indiana
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FAQs about betting on tennis

Tennis is a unique sport in many ways and remains one of the most popular amongst experienced gamblers. You can find some great value in tennis bets, but you really need to know what you are doing.

How often does the favourite win in tennis?

At the masters level, the favourites to win a grand-slam win 70.8% of the time.

What sportsbook is best for gambling on tennis?

This answer to this question is subjective. Our favorite is Sugarhouse for a number of reasons listed below. However, it is relatively easy to identify the sportsbooks that lead the way, in terms of offering a wide range of tennis bets and high-value odds. You will find all of these sportsbooks listed in our bonus list above.

Is betting on tennis online legal in the US?

Online tennis betting has been legal in many Asian and European countries for some time. In 2018, the US Supreme Court ruled that it was up to each state to decide whether online betting was legal. 2019 will be the year that each state decides, so we suggest you check out our state tracker.

What tennis event is the most popular to bet on?

All grand-slams are popular to bet on. However, the Wimbledon final stands heads and shoulders above the rest in terms of the number of bets wagered. In the US, the US Open final is a close second.

Best Tennis Sportsbook 2020

Choosing the 'best' sportsbook for tennis betting in the US is a difficult task considering there is still a vast difference between how many sportsbooks are active per state.

Currently New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Indiana have the most online sportsbooks offering the widest selections of tennis bets.

Overall, we have to say it is the international brands that outperform the US-bases brands when it comes to tennis betting. This makes sense as these brands have been offering online sports betting on tennis for many years in Europe and Asia where it has been legal for some time.

The two standout performers for us are:

888Sport NJ


The two brands offer the widest amount of bets for tennis tournaments as well as the highest value odds.

If you wish to place a spread bet, which is popular when it comes to a points-based sport like tennis, then we can recommend the Aussie sportsbook, PointsBet. The sportsbook is now operational in New Jersey and Indiana.

How to bet on tennis

Tennis is an unusual sport to bet on, in that it requires you to bet on two individuals rather than a team. In some ways, this makes it simpler, in that you don’t need to wait for team news, analysis of a whole squad and so on. However, it does require an in-depth knowledge of the individuals playing in a match, their head to head record and the external conditions.

“If you don’t practice you don’t deserve to win” Andre Agassi

Agassi’s word’s ring just as true when it comes to betting on tennis as they do to playing. Here are a few things you need to take into consideration when you bet on tennis, compared to placing a wager on football, basketball, baseball or ice hockey.

  • What court surface will the match be played on? Hardcourt, clay or grass? Players have their preferred court surface, so it is essential you have done your homework here.
  • Individual head to head record. This plays an even more important role than two team records in other sports. Teams involve many players, which means many more variables. With tennis, it is the same two individuals up against each other again. The best tennis players in the world will have played each other over and over again, so you can gain a lot by analysing their head to head record.
  • What is the weather forecast? A lot of games are still played outside and although the major tournaments will make sure the court remains largely unaffected, breaks in play can really disrupt a match.
  • Injuries. This will affect a tennis match much more than a team sport. An injury to a key player in a team can set them at a disadvantage, but an injury to a tennis player can make or break a match.

Betting on ATP tennis

The most popular events to bet on in tennis are the ATP Grand Slam Tournaments:

  • The US Open
  • The Australian Open
  • Wimbledon
  • The French Open (Roland Garros)

The ATP tournaments offer the most prestigious matches between the best men’s and women’s tennis players in the world. It, therefore, makes sense that for ATP Grand Slams sportsbooks offer the widest range of tennis bets.

On the next rung of the tennis hierarchy is the men’s ATP Challenger Tours and women’s WTA Premier Events. These events will usually be contested by tennis players outside of the top 80. These are still great events, but you will find fewer bets available for these.

The international Davis Cup for men and the Fed Cup for women have also grown in popularity over the years. These tournaments are international events, where tennis players represent their country.

Tennis betting moneylines explained

Moneylines is the most popular form of betting with any sport. It is also the most straightforward. A moneyline is simply choosing who you think will win a match. Remember in tennis this can refer to two individual players or a pair (in a doubles match).

The favorite will be assigned the minus symbol, (-) and the underdog will be marked with a plus symbol (+). If the two players are deemed to have the same chance of winning, they will both be assigned the minus symbol. The odds will follow this symbol.

Let’s break it down in this example:

Say Novak Djokovic is playing Rafael Nadal in the final of Roland Garros (The French Open). Djokovic is ranked number one in the world and your sportsbook has the Serbian as the favourite to win.

Djokovic to win has a moneyline of -200 and Nadal to win has a moneyline of +150.

You have looked at their head-to-head record and, indeed, the Serbian should win this...BUT, you have looked at their head-to-head just on clay court as well as their overall records on clay and you have spotted that actually, Nadal is better than Djokovic on this surface. Although you still think it will be close, you see value in backing Nadal as the underdog.

You place $10 on the Spaniard.

    There are two potential outcomes for your bet:

    1. Rafael Nadal wins. You receive your $10 wager back and $15 in profit ($25 total).
    2. Djokovic wins. You lose.
    How to calculate tennis minus moneylines

    If you are new to online betting on tennis then it’s best to understand how moneylines work.

    To do this let’s use the same example as above, but in this instance, you place a $10 wager on Nadal at moneyline -200.

    To calculate this you can use the following formula:

    1. Winnings = (your stake / minus moneyline odds) x 100
    2. Winnings = ($10 / 200) x 100
    3. Winnings = (0.05) x100
    4. Winnings = $5
    How to calculate tennis plus moneylines

    When backing the underdog you switch the formula. Let’s use the original example, where you place a $10 bet on Nadal at moneyline +150.

    1. Winnings = (your stake x plus moneyline odds) /100
    2. Winnings = ($10 x 150) /100
    3. Winnings = 1500 / 100
    4. Winnings = $15

    Tennis correct score bets

    This type of betting does exactly what it says. With correct score bets, you can place a bet on the correct set results or game results.

    So, if we use the example above again. You could bet on Nadal to win with a set score of 3-1 at odds of +400. If Nadal was to win 3-1, you would earn $40 in profit.

    Remember once you start predicting exact scores the odds will may earn you more in winnings but the bets will also be much riskier.

    Tennis Over/Under or Totals betting

    This type of bet suits tennis nicely. With over/under bets or totals, you need to bet on there being more or less than a predetermined number of sets or games in a match.

        An example of tennis over/under betting

        It’s 2008, two months away from the Summer Olympics in Beijing, and in a humid London, tennis giants, Nadal and Federer are about to meet in the Wimbledon final.

        It is the third time that the elegant Swiss player and the athletic Spanish player have met in the Wimbledon final. Federer is currently number one and had beaten Nadal in the previous two finals. The first final had ended with 4 sets, but the last one had gone down to the wire. You have noticed that Nadal has been improving on the grass and you see this final as being even closer.

        Your sportsbook is offering the following

        • Over 4.5 sets at -100
        • Under 4.5 sets at -110

        You think this match will be even closer so before you tuck into your strawberries and ice cream you place a $25 wager on there to be over 4.5 sets.

        It turns out to be one of the absolute tennis classics and four hours and forty-eight minutes later Nadal wins the five-set thriller.

        So using the same logic as earlier you can work out how much you have won using the following equation:

        • Winnings = (your stake / minus moneyline odds) x 100
        • Winnings = ($25 / 100) x 100
        • Winnings = (0.25) x100
        • Winnings = $25
        Nadal 2008 tennis betting

        Nadal wins the 2008 Wimbledon final

        Tennis handicap betting explained

        Handicap betting began in Asia but has grown in popularity in Europe over the past decade. The most popular form of handicap betting when it comes to tennis are games handicaps.

        A handicap will be added or subtracted to the final match games total. It could look like this:

        An example of a handicap tennis bet

        Alexander Zverev is playing John Isner. The German is the favourite to win the match but the American is expected to still win a fair amount of games. This is a situation where a handicap could increase the value in backing a favourite.

        Let’s say your sportsbook offers a handicap of:

        • Alexander Zverev -2.5 (-125)
        • John Isner +2-5 (-110)

        You think Zverev will win with 3 games or more overall so you place a $50 wager on him with a -2.5 game handicap.

        Alexander Zverev wins the match 6-4, 6-3, 6,4. This means that he wins the match with an 18-11 final score, meaning he clears the 2.5 match handicap which brings him down to 15-11.

        You can, therefore, work out your winnings using the following equation:

        • Winnings = (your stake / minus moneyline odds) x 100
        • Winnings = ($50 / 100) x 100
        • Winnings = (0.5) x100
        • Winnings = $50

        Tennis prop betting explained

        These bets are generally considered a bit of fun and are especially popular during the big ATP tournaments.

        They are a type of novelty bet that focuses on whether a certain proposition will, or will not, occur during a match.

        Examples of proposition bets can include:

        • A player winning in straight sets.
        • Which player will serve first?
        • The exact number of games a player will win.
        • How many hawk-eye calls there will be.

        Tennis In-play betting

        In-play betting on tennis is incredibly popular. This is, in part, down to the frequent number of breaks in a match. In-play betting in basketball, for example, is considerably more difficult as the play is pretty relentless and unpredictable, making it difficult to place a bet at the same time.

        If you are going to bet live on tennis, we can recommend that you have secured the following:

        • A reliable internet connection. You do not want there to be a delay in placing your bet.
        • A stream or broadcast of the event that is live and is not experiencing a time lag. With live betting, you need to know that what you are watching is happening there and then.
        • Infographics with live statistics. Most reputable sportsbooks will provide you with live stats to go with your in-play bets.