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Arizona currently has two bills in the pipeline, both would allow tribal casinos to open up sportsbooks, but they would not allow mobile or online betting.

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Arizona is expecting to take action soon when it comes to legalize Online Sports betting & Online Casino

Arizona online sports betting

In the 2019 and 2020 legislative sessions there was one Senate and one House bill proposed. They would both allow tribal casinos to offer sports betting through sportsbooks or kiosks. However, neither of the bills propose online or mobile betting.

Neither bill made it passed their respective committees but we expect, since 2020 was a difficult year to push through legislation in general, that we will see one of the two bills pass into law in 2021.


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FAQs Arizona online betting

Here are your most commonly asked questions regarding online sports betting in Arizona.

⚖️ Is online sports betting legal in Arizona?

Not yet. Two sports betting bills have been considered by the House and Senate respectively. We expect that some form of legalization process will begin in 2021.

❓ Are there any sportsbooks in Arizona?

No there are currently (as of 2020) no sportsbooks in the state of Arizona. However, two bills are currently being considered which would allow the state's existing tribal casinos to open up sportsbooks.

🤔 How can I bet on sports in Arizona?

You cannot currently bet on sports if you are located in the state of Arizona. However, you can bet at a Nevada based sportsbook, by crossing the border.

There are also four sportsbooks in New Mexico located in Albuquerque, Mescalero and Sante Fe.

⏱️ When will online sports betting be legal in Arizona?

Two bills failed to pass the 2020 legislative session. However, we expect that at least one of these bills will pass the 2021 session.

Online Sports Betting in Arizona

Arizona, sandwiched in-between two states that allow some form of sports betting has, so far, resisted legalizing sports betting. However, it looks like the state will only hold for one more year as two bills are gaining support in both the House and the Senate.

The main wrangling point does not seem to be wether the state should legalize some form of sports betting, but how the arrangement with the tribal casinos would work.

The House bill would permit the tribal casinos to open sportsbooks but they would each need to apply for permission from the state. The Senate bill would allow any of the tribal casinos to set up sportsbooks and kiosks.

Neither bill would allow for online or mobile sports betting.

This is roughly in-line with the rules set in the bordering states of Nevada and New Mexico. The former does allow some form of online betting but you need to sign-up, deposit and withdraw in-person.

Sports Betting in Arizona: The legal situation in short
  • The Supreme Court deems the PASPA act unconstitutional in May 2018.
  • Two bills; HB 2813 and SB 1525, were proposed in 2019 but failed to pass either the House or Senate.
  • The same two bills were proposed in 2020 but, again failed to pass.

Sports Teams in Arizona

The Grand Canyon State is well represented when it comes to professional sports teams.

The most popular sport in the state is pro football. The most popular team is the Arizona Cardinals who play in the NFL and are based in Phoenix. The team have never won the Super Bowl but in the pre-Super Bowl era they picked up two Championship titles. They have made a total of 11 playoff appearances.

The Arizona Diamondbacks are a MLB team based in Phoenix. They were founded in 1998 as an expansion team and won the World Series after only four seasons.

The Phoenix Suns are an NBA team based in Phoenix. They have made it two NBA finals, losing both.

The Arizona Coyotes are an NHL team based in Glendale.