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We rank, review and compare all the best online sportsbooks to guarantee you the ultimate sports betting experience.

Best Sportsbooks in the US

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Best Mobile App

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Easy to Use App

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Early Payouts & Live Betting

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Barstool Sports Betting Site

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New Jersey has emerged as the golden child of the burgeoning US sports betting ...

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Table of Contents

Here is what you will find on this page:

Best online sportsbooks 2023A breakdown of the best sportsbooks by category

What makes a great online sportsbookObjective and subjective factors to consider

Safe sportsbooksWhat sportsbooks are fully licensed and trustworthy

Online sportsbooks: Deposits and WithdrawalsPayPal, Skrill, Visa, Mastercard, Play+ and more

Best online sportsbook welcome/new player bonusWhich promos are the best value

Best online sportsbook for beginnersNew to the game? Don't worry we got you covered

Legal status of sports betting in the US 2023Where is your state in the legalization process

US online sportsbooks: a look aheadWhich states and sportsbooks will go live in 2023


Frequently Asked Questions about online sportsbooks in the US

There is no such as a silly question, just silly bets.

What is the best online sportsbook?

There is no one online sportsbook that is the best, but there will be an online sportsbook that best fits your betting needs.

You need to think about what type of bettor you are and take a look at what sportsbooks specialize in the type of bets you will place.

You should also check out what online sportsbooks are operational in your state.

According to BettingScanner's ranking system, Pointsbet has ranked the best sportsbook of the year. The online sportsbook is now active in several states, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Illinois and more.

What online sportsbooks accept PayPal?

Almost all licensed online sportsbooks in the US now offer PayPal as a payment option, including FanDuel, DraftKings, Bet365, PointsBet and Unibet.

Make sure you are located in a state with legal online sports betting before attempting to withdraw or deposit using PayPal.

Are online sportsbooks legal in the US?

In 2018, the Senate withdrew the federal ban on sports betting. Since then, it has been up to each state to decide whether they should allow online sportsbooks within their borders.

Several states now have fully licensed online sportsbooks. They include:

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • District of Columbia
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia
  • Wyoming

Are online sportsbooks safe?

For an online sportsbook to be categorized as safe, it must be fully licensed in the state where you are currently located.

It is not safe to place a wager with any offshore sportsbook.

All the licensed online sportsbooks in the US are listed on BettingScanner's homepage.

How do online sportsbooks payout?

An online sportsbook will payout via your selected payment method.

Withdrawals via debit or credit card can be difficult, so PayPal or an alternative e-wallet service like Skrill is recommended.

Are online sportsbooks legal in NY?

Yes, online sportsbooks are now legal in New York.

FanDuel, DraftKings, Caesars and BetRivers are all operational in the state.

Best Online US sportsbooks 2023

It has been three years since the first online sportsbooks appeared in the US, and so far, we are impressed with what is on offer. It is hard to ignore that FanDuel and DraftKings dominate the market, and with good reason.

The 'big-two' enjoyed a large user base even before the federal ban on sports betting was withdrawn, thanks to their fantasy sports offering. But that should take nothing away from the fact that the two giants have created state-of-the-art products in several states in record time.

Top Online Sportsbooks 2023

  • FanDuel: Most trusted online sportsbook
  • PointsBet: Best online sportsbook for live betting
  • PointsBet: Best online sportsbook for betting on the NBA 🏀
  • DraftKings: Best online sportsbook for betting on the NFL 🏈
  • Bet365: Best online sportsbook for betting on the NHL 🏒
  • PointsBet: Best online sportsbook for betting on the MLB ⚾
  • Unibet: Best online sportsbook for betting on Soccer ⚽
  • FanDuel: Best online sportsbook for betting on Golf🏌️
  • PointsBet: Best online sportsbook for betting on Table Tennis🏓

First, you need to check that the state you are in has legalized online sports betting. It is officially possible to sign-up for a licensed sportsbook anywhere in the US, but to place a wager, deposit or withdrawal, you must use a licensed sportsbook in your state. To sign-up for most sportsbooks, you will need to make an initial deposit.

BettingScanners pick for best online sportsbook 2023

Top Online Sportsbook 2023: PointsBet

Now a Fanatics Experience

Excellent Mobile Product

PointsBet has one of the best products in the US right now. It is not only pleasing to the eye but is also user-friendly and easy to navigate. Also, unlike some other products on the market, it is not buggy, which is important if you enjoy placing in-play wagers.

Unique Points Betting

Why has an Aussie sportsbook enjoyed such success in the US? Well, it's mainly thanks to its points betting. This form of wager places you on a sliding scale where you win more or less, depending on how wrong or right your wager is. This type of bet lends itself nicely to all American sports such as football or baseball, which are often very high scoring.

what makes a great online sportsbook?

The team at bettingscanner.com have many years of experience in the sports betting industry. Many of us have been working with online betting since 2008 and have amassed a wealth of experience. We have seen the betting industry evolve in Europe over the past two decades and although we are excited by the new developments in the US, we also want you to be aware of all the factors you should consider before placing your bet.

Our comparison system consists of a number of different sections and it is important to realize that ranking betting sites is both an objective and subjective exercise.

What makes a great sportsbook

Objective Factors

  • Does the sportsbook have a mobile app?
  • What payment methods can you use?
  • Which supplier provides them with their odds?

Subjective Factors

  • How good is the sportsbook’s customer support?
  • How easy-to-use is their mobile app?
  • Is the Sportsbook designed for a beginner or an expert bettor?

Safe Sportsbooks

Every online sportsbook that we list on BettingScanner is a fully licensed online sportsbook: we simply do not rank, or review, any offshore sportsbooks.

That is good news, up to a point. But as anyone who has had a bad experience with a company in the US can testify, just because a company is liable does not mean they won't try and rip you off.

For example, did you know that it is, in some circumstances, possible for a sportsbook to simply refuse to pay out?

This rule is in place for good reason; to stop match fixing and suspicious betting. However, there have been cases of punters, just being smarter than a sportsbook and not receiving their rightful payout. Thankfully, this does not happen that often, it is much more likely that a sportsbook will pay your winnings and then restrict your account for a period of time. However the fact that this can happen makes it more important than ever to pick a sportsbook with a top-rate record of paying out and playing fair.

    Safe Sportsbooks

    We take into account several factors when deciding if an online sportsbook is safe or not. They include:

    • A license For a sportsbook to be considered 'safe', it must be fully licensed in the state you which to wager in; for example, in New Jersey, that would be The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. It is important to note that a sportsbook may be licensed in New Jersey but not in Colorado. However, you do not need to worry about doing anything illegal by signing up for an NJ sportsbook somewhere else in the US. It is perfectly legal to do so, and since the sportsbook is liable in the US, it will simply not let you deposit any money. Many New Yorkers, for example, sign-up for an NJ licensed sportsbook like FanDuel in NJ state and then hop over to New Jersey to deposit and wager.
    • A wide range of payment methods Bank transfers and Visa/MasterCard transfers to online sportsbooks can be difficult due to outdated banking regulations. The issue here is it is significantly easier to deposit than withdraw funds using these methods. This means that a trustworthy online sportsbook has to offer a safe and reliable alternative such as PayPal or Skrill.
    • Trustworthy Odds A safe sportsbook must offer your odds that are of some value. Fortunately, there is a regulated online sport betting market in the US and competition; all the legal online sportsbooks offer reliable odds.
    • Transparency The team at Betting Scanner dedicate a lot of time to researching and verifying who owns a company and how it is structured. We believe this is an important factor to consider when deciding if a company is safe or not. Thankfully, since the sports betting industry, sportsbooks have been relatively open about their companies operate.
    • Customer Service It is simply easier to trust an online sportsbook that is on call 24/7. If you are into in-play betting, this can be a crucial factor as you could need immediate help when placing a bet live.
    Here is our list of the US' most trusted sportsbooks:
    • FanDuel - You can trust the country's biggest sportsbook brand. They have a huge reputation to protect and the last thing they want is a disgruntled customer.
    • DraftKings - One of the 'big two' along with FanDuel; they treat their customers extremely well.
    • Bet365 - One of the world's most trusted brands, with thousands of customers all over the world and an excellent payout record.
    • PointsBet - This Aussie sportsbook with its emphasis on customer service is winning over bettors all over the US - it is now operational in five states.

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    Online Sportsbooks with the best payment options

    The second most common issue related to online sportsbooks we get asked about is payment methods. This is an incredibly complex issue in the US, where states all over the country are at different stage of the legalization process.


    Visa & Mastercard This is the easiest and most secure form of payment and it is offered by all the major online sportsbooks listed on our site. However, you need to check that you bank recognizes sportsbooks, even if you are in a state where sports betting is legal. This is because not all banks in the US have an up-to-date system that can decipher where in the country you can legally bet.

    E-wallet This type of payment acts as the middle man between you and the sportsbook. Many customers use it as an alternative to using a debit or credit card as you can circumvent some of the restrictions placed on you by the banks.

    • PayPal This is the most popular form of payment option for sports bettors in the US. Thanks to its reputation as a trusted payment platform PayPal found it easy to sign partnerships with online sportsbooks. This meant it was quick to establish itself as the go-to provider. When using PayPal it is possible to transfer money from your bank account into your PayPal account. If you are using a Visa or Mastercard then PayPal will charge you a 2.9% fee, however you can then transfer funds to your sportsbook account free of charge. You can also withdraw money with relative ease using the same process in reverse. Deposits are instant but a withdrawal can take a few days.
    Best online sportsbooks that accept PayPal

    Fanduel - the largest online sportsbook in the US allows PayPal as long as it is linked to your bank account as the preferred source of payment.

    DraftKings - the online sportsbook has accepted PayPal payments since 2018.

    Bet365 - If you are located in New Jersey or Pennsylvania you can use PayPal as a payment method with Bet365.

    PointsBet - You can use PayPal with PointsBet in Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana and New Jersey.

    Unibet - The new online sportsbook allows customers to deposit and withdraw in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

    • Skrill This is the second most popular type of e-wallet in the sports betting industry. The platform is slick and easy to use and, in many ways, is not different to PayPal, apart from the fact that it charges you $5.50 when you make a withdrawal. Skrill has signed only with four legal online sportsbooks; Bet365, Unibet, Fox Bet and BetMGM.

    Prepaid Cards This method guarantees anonymity in the same way that buying credit for your pay-as-you-go phone does. You can simply buy a prepaid card at a gas station or grocery store and use it with your betting account. Play+ is the most common form of prepaid card offered by online sportsbooks. A PLay+ card will always be branded with the online sportsbook's name. An example of this is the DraftKings Play+ card which is have proved an extremely popular payment method for customers of the sportsbook/DFS provider.

    ACH E-Transfers The Automatic Clearing House system is arguably the safest method but also the most tedious. You will need to fill out a considerable amount of paperwork using a system that is not particularly user-friendly. However, you payments are not restricted and you are not charged any fees, so this is a great option if you will be betting big bucks.

    Mazooma This new payment method has a bright future ahead of itself. Until recently the payment provider had processed payments behind the scenes for a number of major sportsbooks using the ACH system. Now, they have teamed up with Plaid, a financial data network that supports thousands of apps and services and launched their own service. They have managed to marry their sports betting industry experience with Plaid's experience in the banking sector and we foresee them being the most popular payment provider in a few years thanks to this unique partnership. Currently they are only available with Unibet Sportsbook.

    Bitcoin The cryptocurrency is growing in popularity with the new generation of bettors. However, very few legal online sportsbooks in the US accept this payment method. FanDuel, for example, allows Bitcoin payments via BitPay but only for its Daily Fantasy Sports product and not its sportsbook.

    Sportsbook Payments: Related Articles

    Top 3 safest sportsbook deposit & withdrawal methods in the US

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    Is Mazooma the best option for depositing money into sportsbooks?

    1 March 2021

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    Online Sportsbooks with the best odds

    The good news is that there are a lot of online sportsbooks in the US with some great value odds. The bad news is that there is no definitive sportsbook with the best odds. That is why odds comparisons sites have proven so popular over the years as they allow you to find the best odds for a particular sporting event.

    It is essential that you pick an online sportsbook that consistently offers odds above the market average.

    However, you cannot constantly chase the best value odds on the market per event as you will have to open accounts with dozens of sportsbooks. That is why the best strategy is to pick the sport or sports that you are interested in and see what sportsbook generally offers the best value odds for that category.

    What are moneyline odds?

    Moneyline odds

    Moneyline odds are the American odds system which uses a negative (-) or positive (+) to indicate the amount you need to wager to win $100 or the amount you would win if you wagered $100.

    The odds with a minus sign are always attached to the favorites and show you how much you need to wager to win $100.

    The odds with a plus sign are given to the underdogs and indicate the amount you would win if you wagered $100.

    The closer the amounts are, the less one team is a favorite and the other an underdog.

    You can calculate your winnings with a minus moneyline using this formula:

    • Winnings = (your stake / minus moneyline odds) x 100

    You can calculate your winnings with a plus moneyline using this formula:

    • Winnings = (your stake x plus moneyline odds) /100

    Online Sportsbooks with the best odds for the NFL

    When it comes to the nation's most popular sport you can feel assured that almost every major online sportsbook will offer you a wide variety of betting options at a decent value. Especially when it comes to major events like the Super Bowl the competition will be so high that no sportsbook worth its salt will offer odds much lower than the market average. Caesars are currently the officia partner of the NFL, however this is only for its casino product, so you will not see any major advantage with using Caesar's sportsbook. We expect this could change soon as the NFL continues to warm to sports betting in 2021. They recently announced that they would be looking for $100 million in exchange for the rights to live betting data.

    Until the league takes on an official sports betting partner, we recommend you consider looking at what sportsbooks sponsors which teams. When a partnership is in place, it is likely that the sportsbook will offer boosted odds and run promotions on that particular team.

    NFL teams sponsored by online sportsbooks

    Detroit Lions BetMGM

    Indianapolis Colts PointsBet, Caesars

    NY Jets → BetMGM

    Philadelphia Eagles → Unibet PA, Caesars

    Tennessee Titans → DraftKings

    Atlanta Falcons Caesars

    Chicago Bears PointsBet

    Baltimore Ravens Caesars

    Cleveland Browns Fox Bet

    New Orleans Saints Caesars

    Denver Broncos BetMGM, FanDuel

    Oakland Raiders Caesars

    Las Vegas Raiders Caesars

    Pittsburgh Steelers BetMGM

    Washington Football Team FanDuel

    New England Patriots DraftKings

    This strategy only works of course if you are going to betting on one or two particular teams. If you are looking at betting on the NFL overall then we can see one standout online sportsbook and that is 888Sport. The British sportsbook looks best set to become the first official gaming partner to the league thanks to its existing sponsorship in the UK and Ireland. Since it launched online in NJ back in 2018 it has consistently demonstrated its focus on American Football. The sportsbook direct a large number of promotions at NFL games and you can often find odds that are consistently better than the market average with 888Sport.

    DraftKings: the best odds for the NFL

    Best odds for the NFL

    Bet Now

    The online sportsbook simply has the best odds and the best product for betting on football. The only drawback is their welcome offer which includes an x26 turnover requirement.

    Online Sportsbooks with the best odds for the NBA

    Unlike the NFL, the NBA has jumped into bed with a number of online sportsbooks including BetMGM, PointsBet, William Hill, FanDuel and DraftKings. This has been great news for the sports betting industry as this means that all these major online sportsbook have been awarded access to league data that significantly improves their in-play services.

    However, the sheer number of online sportsbooks that the league has partnered with (now over 11) has diluted the competitive advantage that comes with being an official sponsor. However, if you are focused on betting on one particualar team there can be a real advantage with picking that team's official sponsor as they will definitely offer boosted odds and special promos.

    NFL teams sponsored by online sportsbooks

    Detroit Pistons BetRivers, PointsBet

    Denver Nuggets PointsBet

    Philadelphia 76ers PointsBet, William Hill, DraftKings, Unibet, BetMGM

    Boston Celtics DraftKings

    Charlotte Hornets DraftKings

    Chicago Bulls DraftKings

    Memphis Grizzlies FanDuel

    New York Knicks DraftKings

    Portland Trail Blazers PointsBet

    Washington Wizards Caesars Sportsbook

    If you are not focused on one team in particular then we can recommend PointsBet as the best sportsbook for NBA odds. The Aussie sportsbook consistently offers odds that are better than the market average as-well as NBA specific promotions which include boosted odds.

    The other major advantage with using the online sportsbook to wager on the NBA is that you can use their unique PointsBetting, This is not the same as fixed-odds betting, where you place place a bet at odds set by the sportsbook and then either win or loose (and sometimes draw) instead there is a scale to winning where you are either rewarded or docked points according to how right or wrong your bet was. This favors a high scoring sport like basketball.

    PointsBet: the best odds for the NBA

    Best odds for the NBA

    Now a Fanatics Experience

    PointsBet is simply the best online sporsbook for NBA betting. It doesn't just offer the best odds but also the best user experience and variety of bets.

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    Best Online Sportsbook Welcome Bonus

    The US is a new market, and so new online sportsbooks are in fierce competition with each other as they look to hoover up as many new customers as possible. The good news for bettors is that the most trusted marketing tool sportsbooks use to entice new customers is the welcome bonus.

    With so many new sportsbooks in competition, the generosity of these bonuses in the US has reached unparalleled heights.

    There has simply never been a better time to sign up with a new online sportsbook.

    But it is important to remember a welcome bonus is not just an opportunity to win some money, it is also an opportunity to try out a new online sportsbook without risking a load of money.

    To do this, we suggest signing up with a few sportsbooks. Then place some wagers with the bonus bets you are provided with and see which sportsbook feels right for you.

    Welcome Bonus Signup New Player Bonus

    Best Online Sportsbook welcome bonuses

    21+. Bet Responsibly. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.

    1. Unique Betting Features

    2. Great Boosts

    3. Great for Betting & DFS

    Welcome Bonus Terms

    Welcome bonus

    A welcome bonus is an offer that you will receive when you sign-up, and in most cases, place your first deposit.

    The different welcome bonuses currently offered are:

    • Second Chance bets: This means that you will be effectively be given a voucher for a certain amount of bonus bets if your initial wager loses. This means that you are not betting with your own money BUT bonus bets still reward winnings as withdrawable funds, so you can get back what you lost!
    • Matched deposit bonus: This means that your sportsbook will match your first deposit in bonus bets. They will have stated their maximum deposit, so it is up to you how much you want to go for. For, example if your first deposit is $100, then you will receive $100 in bonus bets.

    Second Chance bet

    We find a better way to describe a second chance bet is to think of it as an insured bet. With a second chance bet, if you lose you simply get your money back in the form of a bonus bet you can wager again to win back what you lost.

    A bonus bet is a form of voucher, so it cannot be withdrawn as cash, but can be used again with the sportsbook.

    For example, you place a second chance bet worth $500 with Unibet on the New Jersey Devils to win match at odds of -200.

    • Outcome A: The Devils win and you receive a payout of $750.
    • Outcome B: You lose the bet and receive $500 in bonus bets.

    Now, it is important to remember two things about the next step:

    1. If you win using a second chance bet, you won't get any bonus bets.
    2. If you lose and receive a bonus bet as compensation, you will have to spend these bonus bets within a certain amount of time (usually seven days).

    Best online sportsbooks for beginners

    Do you feel overwhelmed by all the sportsbooks out there? Do you feel confused by all the lingo? Don't worry you are not alone - we have all been there.

    We assure you it is easier than you think. You simply need to take the time to be able to understand the odds and the different types of markets. You also need to find out what type of bettor you are - and what your strategy is going to be.

    Here are three major factors you should consider as a sports betting beginner.

    1. A site or app that is easy to navigate: this may seem obvious but it cannot be emphasized enough. If you are thrown onto a landing page with endless rows of odds with parlays, lines and teasers all muddled up together then you are simply not going to learn how to bet on sports.
    2. A generous welcome bonus: this is a less obvious point but just as important. The welcome bonuses are not just an opportunity to win some easy cash they are also an opportunity to test the water without losing your own hard-earned cash. Think of it as a trial where you can test out the product without signing your life away.
    3. A safe and secure selection of payment options: Depositing and withdrawing your funds can be a hassle in the US. The banking system is not always up to date with the new legislation sweeping the country. This means that transactions with Visa or Mastercard can be arbitrarily blocked. This means that sportsbooks need to offer a number of safe alternatives such as PayPal and Skrill. If you are a beginner, all of this can be overwhelming so your sportsbook needs to lay out all of the information in an easy to understand format.

    Best Sportsbooks for Beginners

    🥇Best Sportsbook for Beginners🥇

    Best Mobile App

    FanDuel is the largest brand in the US when it comes to sports betting.

    It is a great option for anyone who has already signed up for their daily fantasy sports product. The move to the sportsbook will be seamless, as it is all included in the same product.

    The layout of FanDuel's product is both easy to navigate and nice to look at.

    You do not need to be an expert to start wagering with FanDuel. After only ten minutes you should know your way around, and be able to place a wager safe in the knowledge that you are using a licensed and safe sportsbook.

    🥈Best Sportsbook for Beginners🥈

    Now a Fanatics Experience

    The Aussie sportsbook is sending shockwaves around the US sports betting industry with its unique form of points betting, which can be a fun way to enjoy a game, especially high scoring sports!

    🥉Best Sportsbook for Beginners🥉

    Early Payouts & Live Betting

    Bet365 is one of the most established sportsbooks around with a world class product and customer service.

    Legal status of online betting in the US 2023

    It’s been all-hands-on-deck at the BettingScanner office since the 2018 Supreme court decision to remove restrictive legislation opened up a world of opportunity for online sportsbooks in the USA.

    The previous legislation in place since 1992 had shut out the US, the world’s most attractive market, from the online betting industry.

    While the US, remained isolated from the world of online betting, Asia and Europe stormed ahead. Now, with so much competition, these markets can feel crowded and saturated with very little to differentiate the competition.

    NJ Sports Betting

    Removing the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) as it was known was only the first step. Now, it is down to each state to decide whether they will allow online sports betting. Delaware was the first to overturn its compliance to the PASPA and since then more have followed.

    Now, remember the removal of legislation does not mean that there will be online sportsbooks available the next day. New Jersey was one of the first states to overturn PASPA and saw an almost instant online betting presence. However, other states, for a number of reasons haven’t seen any online sportsbooks despite changing the law.

    This means that it is more important than ever to stay updated.

    States with legal online sports betting
    • New Jersey The state has led the way when it comes to sports betting, offering low licensing fees and taxes for sportsbooks.
    • Pennsylvania The 36% tax rate had initially put off sportsbooks from launching in the state, but since 2019, it has hosted a number of major online sportsbooks.
    • Indiana The Hoosier State is home to a large number of legal online sportsbooks.
    • West VirginiaThe Mountain State is home to four legal online sportsbooks.
    • IowaWith a low tax rate of 6.75% and $45,000 license fee, the Hawkeye State is proving popular among sportsbooks.
    • OregonYou can now bet online with the state lottery's sportsbook app Scorecard.
    • ColoradoThe Centennial State has seven legal online sportsbooks.
    • New HampshireDraftKings enjoys a monopoly in the Granite State.
    • MichiganThe Wolverine State went online in 2021.
    • TennesseeThere are three online sportsbooks live in Tennessee.
    • VirginiaFanduel helped Virginia in legalizing sports betting. The first online sportsbooks went live in 2021.
    • Illinois The state went live in 2020.

    These are incredibly exciting times for the US sports betting market but right now things look a little ad-hoc when it comes to that status of online betting around the country.

    In some states, such as NJ, you can find sportsbooks galore and enjoy very little restrictions when it comes to depositing your money or signing up.

    But then you can find yourself in the scorching heat of Nevada and things can look very different. In Nevada, you can pick from a relatively extensive selection of major sportsbooks, but you will still need to enter a physical location to sign-up, deposit or withdraw cash.

    This is relatively easy if you are in Las Vegas, but if you are in a smaller town out in the desert things won't be quite as straight forward.

    As long as you are not using a VPN to circumvent the rules, you won't be doing anything illegal in trying to sign-up to a sportsbook. Remember, it is still ultimately up to the sportsbook to block you or notify you if you are not in the correct location.

    The future looks bright for most of the US states, but the availability of online bookmakers and variation between states will not only depend on legislation.

    Factors such as population and tax rates will encourage or discourage betting companies to open up.

    At bettingscanner.com we promise to keep you up to date with all the latest developments state by state.

    New Online Sportsbooks 2023

    Last year was a huge year for the sports betting industry with states such as Kansas opting to legalize online sport betting.

    FanDuel and DraftKings, the two sportsbooks that currently dominate the market and have gone live in all the recent states that have legalized online sports betting.