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Caesars Sportsbook

$10 no deposit free bet + up to $300 matched deposit bonus

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Caesars Sportsbook overview

Nils Edmondson

Nils Edmondson

Ceasars began its long and glamorous life under the bright lights of Las Vegas. The casino and sportsbook launched its online sportsbook in 2018 and has been going from strength to strength ever since.

Caesars online sportsbook is operational in:

  • New Jersey
  • Nevada

Caesars Sportsbook score

  • Great Usability
  • A wide selection of Payment options including Visa/Mastercard and PayPal
  • Excellent customer service
  • World-class multi-game betting
  • No teaser bets
  • No cashouts
Bonus offer
Betting variety
Mobile experience
Payment options
Betting experience
Caesars Sportsbook quick facts
Deposit methodsMastercard, VISA, Discover, American Express, PayPal, ACH (eCheck), Online Bank Transfer, Prepaid card, PayNearMe, Cash (in-person at Caesars Casino, AC)
Withdrawal methodsPayPal, Neteller, Prepaid card, CH (eCheck), Cash (in-person at Caesars Casino, AC)
Odds providerScientific Games
Betting functionsmoneyline, poimt spread, teaser, parlay, prop, future
AppsAndroid, iOS
OwnerCaesars Entertainment Corporation
Founded Year1937
HeadquarterParadise, Nevada, U.S.

Ceasars Sportsbook: everything you need to know

Ceasars is best known for its casino brand but recently they launched one of the first online sportsbooks in the USA. The all-American gambling company is now a force to be reckoned with in the sportsbook industry. You can read our review of Ceasars online sportsbook below.

    Ceasars Sportsbook: the good

    • Great Usability. Their previous experience in the industry meant that Ceasars just had to add their sportsbook option to their already excellent casino website and app.
    • Homegrown gambling site. There is an advantage in being a homegrown brand. Many international brands are pouring into the US after sports betting was legalized at a federal level. But nothing beats local knowledge and an existing US customer base.
    • Payment options. Ceasars have one of the most extensive selections of trusted payment methods available in the US Sportsbook market.
    • A shared site with the casino. For existing customers using Ceasars sportsbook couldn’t be easier.
    • Great customer service.
    • Excellent multi-game betting.

    Ceasar’s Sportsbook: the bad

    • No teaser betting options.
    • No cashout.

    Ceasars Sportsbook Verdict:

    Caesars is a well-established brand into the US, and their new sportsbook is worthy of such a reputation. The website is easy to navigate, their app excellent and the overall experience is excellent. However, we really would like to see them offer in-play betting. A major sportsbook in this day and age really need to offer this option.


    Is Caesars sportsbook legal in NJ?

    Yes, Caesars was one of the first sportsbooks to offer online betting in New Jersey and is now one of the largest in the gardening state.

    Does Caesars AC have a sportsbook?

    Yes, and we don’t blame you for asking the question. Caesars has been so synonymous with casinos that it can come as a surprise that it also offers sports betting, but since 2018 it has established itself as one of the best sportsbooks in the USA.

    Does Caesars have a sportsbook app?

    Yes. This app is available for both IOS and Android.

    Ceasars sportsbook review

    Anyone who has ever gambled in the USA will no doubt be fully aware of Caesars sportsbook.

    Whether it’s on the Broadwalk of Atlantic City or amongst the bright lights of Las Vegas, Ceasars is a household name in the casino world.

    In 2018, as the USA legalized sports betting, Ceasars were ready to pounce on the opportunity. They were one of the first gambling sites to offer a sportsbook in the country, a feat made possible by their existing website and app focused on their casino. As international sportsbooks scrambled to get a sportsbook optimized for the American market in time, Ceasars were already gaining ground on their competitors.

    Due to the nature of the federal ruling, which now requires each state to decide whether they legalize sports betting within their jurisdiction, Ceasars is, like many of its competitors, rolling out their sportsbook in a piecemeal state by state process. New Jersey was the first state to legalize sports betting resulting in Ceasars launching their service in the state on September 6th 2018. They are now one of the most used sportsbooks in the Gardening State.

    So, it’s obvious they are doing something right. That something might just be their selection of bets available for American sports. We cannot overstate the advantage of being a homegrown brand in the US market. With sports betting illegal for so long, international brands developed highly sophisticated sportsbooks whilst the American brands focused solely on their casinos. This means that international brands were largely focused on non-American sports.

    It is just that, American sports, where Ceasars really excel. They have obviously identified that it is in this area where they can set themselves apart from their competitors across the pond.

    Caesars Sportsbook no deposit bonus

    Caesars sportsbook offers new customers a $10 free bet for new customers. This is incredibly generous, as it does not require you to commit any money to get this free bet. This type of no deposit bonus is almost unheard of now in Europe, but since the US sportsbooks are looking to attract new customers, this sort of bonus is offered by a few other US-based sportsbooks. Even so, it is a generous offer; can you imagine walking into a new clothing store and they just hand you a $10 voucher?

    Some other sportsbooks will try and trick you by adding a turnover requirement in the small print, which Caesars does not.

    A turnover requirement means that you have to win a certain amount of bets a certain amount of times before the winnings are yours. The only requirement that Caesars places on this no deposit bonus is that you use the free bet within 7 days of issue.

    The no deposit bonus is not only a great way to pick up a $10 free bet. It is also a great way for people who are new to sports betting or to Ceasars to test the water. Your first bet is often the riskiest as you don’t have the experience yet, so this is a great opportunity to lay your first bet with no risk. It is also a great way to try out Caesars site and see if it’s the right fit for you.

    Caesars Sportsbook first deposit bonus

    So, you have signed up and received your no deposit bonus. Great, now comes the second bonus! This bonus matches the amount of your first deposit in free bets. So, if you put in $100 as your first deposit, Caesars sportsbook will credit your account with $100 in free bets. The maximum deposit valid for this bonus is $300.

    This is one of the more generous matched first deposit bonuses around in the USA. It is a great way to potentially make a few more dollars. However, we prefer the no deposit bonus as it doesn’t require you to place any money into your account.

    Caesars sportsbook for desktop

    The desktop version of Caesars sportsbook looks… ok. The interface appears a little basic and is nothing that will set the pulse racing. But as we are all told it’s what’s on the inside that counts and with this logic Caesars sportsbook fairs a little better.

    First impressions won’t be great, but once you play around a little with their site, you will see that it has a more than a respectable selection of bets.

    The focus is very American, so if it’s the foreign leagues you are interested in it might be worth going elsewhere.

    It won’t take long to get accustomed to the desktop site, it’s layout is simple and straightforward. It won’t take longer than a few minutes to work out how to navigate the pages you need to be able to place your desired bet.

    If you are worried about whether you are able to bet using Caesars app then you’ll be pleased to know that if you log onto the site from a state where it is not allowed, then the site will read this in your IP address and block you from placing a bet. Of course, if you are using a VPN this will give the site a false reading.

    Caesars Sportsbook App

    Caesars uses the same software developer, Miomni, as many other sportsbooks. This means that although it might not feel that different from other apps out there, you will be guaranteed a certain level of reliability. And do you know what goes great with a reliable betting app, in play betting! Sorry, we can’t let that one go…

    Apart from the lack of in play betting though, the app is clear and easy to use. The color scheme, black and white, is simple, but we actually quite like that it’s not as distracting as many of the other sportsbook sites.

    For punters that have used some of the other sportsbook apps, as well as Caesars casino app then using Caesars mobile app, will be a seamless crossover.

    The Miomni software means it is similar in feel to other apps and the layout and the graphic profile is the same as Caesar’s other sites.

    You can download the Caesar Sports App for both iOS and Android.

    Caesars Sportsbook Lines

    When it comes to finding value in lines, then Caesars sportsbook will not disappoint. We found that, so far, in the US market Caesar offers some of the most competitive juice around. This especially true when it comes to the MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL.

    Perhaps it is the sportsbooks background in the casino world that has enabled it to offer such great value odds. Not only will it have resources from its casinos funding its sportsbook but it will also be well aware of their customer's dream of winning big.

    They have not been around long enough for us to be able to tell you exactly when they offer the best odds, but so far we have noticed that around the big events, you’ll find that they often offer better odds than the market average.

    Multi-game betting with Caesars

    When it comes to multi-game betting or parlays, Caesars put in another strong showing. These type of bets allow you to parlay multiple bets into one. Once you have accumulated your bets into one slip, Caesar will offer you juice that reflects the increased risk of multiple bets.

    Caesars does not allow you to place bets from the same event with multiple bets. This is so you don’t benefit multiple times from making the same prediction, for example, backing a team to win and to score a certain amount of points, is somewhat of a crossover and gives you an advantage.

    Laying a parlay with Caesars can be good when you have a busy day of scheduling across a number of different leagues or sports and you want to combine it all into one bet.

    As you add another bet, the odds will increase significantly, which means that sometimes it can earn you more than if you lay one single bet. This is not always the case, and although Caesars generally offer great juice for parlays, it wouldn’t hurt to see how much you would earn by placing the bets as individual bets and how much you would earn as a parlay.

    When you place a bet with Caesars it will show up on your bet slip. Once it appears on your slip, Caesars will show you if you can place a parlay with that particular bet. Remember you cannot combine any bet, it has to be available to parlay for you to combine it with another.

    In-Play betting with Caesars Sportsbook

    When it launched Caesars did not offer Parlay betting. They quickly realized their mistake. US gamblers love an in-play more than any other nation.

    This is due to the fact that so many of us had to hone our betting skills in physical sportsbooks. This meant we would gamble while watching a game live.

    Now, as soon as you log onto their homepage there is a whole section, displayed in the header, that provides you with all the current in-play bets on offer.

    Caesars Sportsbook Payment methods

    Caesars has one of the best selections of payment options available for US-based sportsbook customers. Currently, as only a few states have legalized sports betting, payments to and from sportsbooks can be complicated, even if you are in one of those states where sports betting is legal.

    You will know whether you can use a particular payment method when you sign up and register with Caesars. If you are able to successfully leave a deposit then, using the same method, you will be able to withdraw winnings using the same method. If you are using a bank transfer check that your bank allows payments to online sportsbooks - even if you are in a state where online sports betting is legal.

    Here are the payment methods that Caesars sportsbook offers:

    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • PayPal
    • Caesars prepaid card
    • Online banking
    • Pay at 7-11
    • Neteller
    • Cage payment at Caesars AC casino

    Caesars sportsbook customer service

    Caesars sportsbook customer service are one of the better ones out there. They are able to offer a better customer service than many of their competitors as they have had an established US-based customer service with their casinos for some time.

    When you are on their homepage or using their sportsbook app, you will find a link to their support team at the bottom of the page. From this link, you will find email details, phone numbers as well as FAQs. Currently, they do not have a customer service team active on social media.

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