About BettingScanner

In 2018 when sports betting was legalised in the US, we knew that the industry would never be the same again. The world’s largest economy was now accepting bets!

As states across the country began to legalise online sports betting, sportsbooks started to pop up all over the place. It was then we knew we had to get involved!

With over 12 years of experience in the online sports betting industry, our team knew the US was the place to be. We decided it was time to build the US’s number one site for sportsbooks reviews, tips and guides.

Sit back, as we analyse, rank and update information from every state and sportsbook in the US. Our job is for us to help the US bettor navigate the market and find the best sportsbook to suit their needs.

Our Team



Writer. Baseball fanatic. NewJersey Boy.

Our local wordsmith with a passion for American sports. ‘Slick Nick’ is as sharp with his pen as he is with the bat, something he’ll be sure to tell you himself after a couple of buds. When it comes to industry news, Nick always has his finger on the pulse, especially when it comes to his favourite state, New Jersey.

Favorite Music: 80s. Spandau Ballet and Depeche Mode

Favorite Sports: Baseball, football and basketball

Preferred Bet: Point spread



Betting expert. Bonus scanner. Hockey Guy

Traded a career in journalism for one in the sports betting industry. Jacob grew up in the frozen plains of northern Sweden where Ice Hockey is a religion. His love for the NHL has since expanded to the NFL which makes him a perfect match for the US team at bettingscanner. He comes with many years of experience in the industry. Jacob is also a self-professed excel geek.

Favorite Music: Metallica, Counting Crows.

Favorite Sports: Ice Hockey, football, Chess and E-sports.

Preferred Bet: moneyline



Website Manager

Nils is the office's generalist. He enjoys all sports without having a favorite and rarely uses the same sportsbook to bet. This unbiased attitude made him the perfect candidate for his role as website manager.

Favorite Music: House, techno.

Favorite Sports: Basketball and soccer.

Preferred Bet: point spread or totals

Affiliate Disclosure

Like any business, we have to make money. But it is also important to make it an ethical and fair way, especially in an industry that involves gambling. That is why we want to be as open and honest with you and explain how our business model works.

If you decide to sign up to a sportsbook through our site, then we will receive a small payment from the sportsbook. This fee varies between the sportsbook and depends on the individual agreement we have with them. This fee will not affect you as the customer.

Company Information

BettingScanner is owned by Leadstar Media AB, an online lead generation company that focus on high-quality leads in sports and betting to iGaming operators.