Golf sportsbooks

The good news is betting on golf is significantly more straightforward than playing golf. The sport requires less expansive knowledge than others such as basketball or football which offer a wider range of variations.

Best sportsbooks for Golf

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FAQS about betting on Golf

Betting on Golf is, like the sport itself, requires a long-term strategic approach. If you get it right the rewards can be big.

Is it legal to gamble on golf?

Yes, but it depends on what state you are in. Betting is now legal at a national level and it’s now up to each individual state to decide where it stands at a federal level. We recommend you check our state tracker for more information.

Which sportsbook is best for betting on the Masters?

It is difficult to pick out one sportsbook for an annual event, as the online sports betting has only been legal in the US since 2018 and most sportsbooks launched in 2019. We will be able to decide what sportsbook is best for this event by 2020.

Do US sportsbooks offer golf bets?

Yes, the majority of US sportsbooks offer golf bets.

Can you bet on a hole in one?

Well, look at you! Looking for that adrenaline rush? then sure, most sportsbooks will be happy to take your money and offer you a hole in one bet. Just remember they are very, very risky.

How to bet on Golf

You will need to know the basics when it comes to the sport in order to be a successful bettor but it is actually easier, in our opinion, to master betting on golf than many other sports.

Golf is a sport where a player competes against other over eighteen holes. The player will either win due to a superior stroke play (number of strokes per round) or match play (winning the most holes).

Once you have mastered the rules to betting on golf, you’ll need to gain an extensive knowledge base on certain players, courses and tournaments. There are a number of statistics that you need to be aware of when you place a bet on a golf event. These include:

  • Scoring average
  • Driving accuracy
  • Strokes gained statistics - which compare a player’s performance with the rest of the field.
  • Greens in regulation statistics - GIR refers to getting the ball in the putting surface with enough strokes to spare yourself a chance for a birdie or better.

After this stage, you will need to learn what type of bets are available to you. If you follow the link you will find our list of the most popular forms of betting on golf.

Golf betting moneylines explained

Moneyline betting in golf simply requires you to bet on a specific golfer to win a tournament or event. It is the first port of call for any newbie bettor and is the most common bet in golf and most other sports.

With moneyline bets, you back the player you think will win a tournament.

    An example of a moneyline bet

    Say Tiger Woods to win the Masters has odds of +200.

    You feel that he is due a comeback and see value in such favourable odds.

    To work out a plus moneyline bet in golf you can use the following formula:

    • Winnings = (your stake x plus moneyline odds) /100
    • Winnings = ($20 x 200) /100
    • Winnings = 4000 / 100
    • Winnings = $40

    Now let's say this was the Tiger Woods of a decade ago, then you might have been given odds of -120 which would indicate that he was one of the favourites.

    Let’s say you placed the same $20 wager on Tiger Woods at moneyline -120. Then you could use the minus moneyline odds formula:

    • Winnings = (your stake / minus moneyline odds) x 100
    • Winnings = ($20 / 120) x 100
    • Winnings = (0.16) x100
    • Winnings = $16

    When to place a moneyline in Golf

    If you are new to sports betting or betting on golf specifically then we can recommend moneylines as a great starting point. The bet is straightforward and easy to understand. It will also be offered by every sportsbook that offers golf bets.

    A golf moneyline is a little different to moneylines in relation to other sports as you are backing a player in a tournament, rather than a one on one situation between teams or players.

    This means that there is a little more variation in the options, which in turn means that there are more potential outcomes. More outcomes mean that the risk is higher, so the sportsbook should offer you better odds.

    There is no ‘perfect’ time to place a moneyline bet on golf, but our recommendation would be to place it either as your first bet or if you feel the market has undervalued a player to win a tournament outright.

    Golfer Matchup betting

    This type of bet matches up two golfers in a tournament or event against each other, creating a mini event that applies just to your bet.

    In order to win the golf matchup bet, the player you back will need to finish above the other. One player will be designated the favourite with a minus symbol and the other will be considered the favourite with a plus symbol.

        Examples of golfer matchup bets

        Dustin Johnson -120 Jon Rahm +120

        If you were to place a $10 bet on Dustin Johnson then you would be looking at the following winnings if finished above Jon Rahm:

        • Winnings = (your stake / minus moneyline odds) x 100
        • Winnings = ($10 / 120) x 100
        • Winnings = (0.083) x100
        • Winnings = $8.30

        Say you place the same $10 wager on Jon Rahm and he comes above Dustin Johnson then you would win the following:

        • Winnings = (your stake x plus moneyline odds) /100
        • Winnings = ($10 x 120) /100
        • Winnings = 1200 / 100
        • Winnings = $12

        Golf First Round Leader betting

        This type of bet simply treats the first round as its own entity. So, if you think a certain player will get off to a great start but won’t necessarily win the whole tournament then this could be a good option for you.

        There can also be a range of external factors that might affect the first round, but not the later ones. A common example is weather conditions, which can greatly affect a sport such as golf.


            Betting on golf has been growing in popularity

            Hole in one betting

            This is one of the more ballsy bets you can place and seems to be growing in popularity.

            In part, this is down to the increasing popularity of golf on the whole but also the increasing number of hole in ones.

            This type of bet might sound cool, and certainly winning a bet on a hole in one would earn you some bragging rights but it is unlikely to earn you much in the long run. Hole in ones are still a rarity and so remain a very risky bet.

                Betting on The Masters

                This annual Augusta National, host of the masters, is a staple fixture in any golf bettors schedule, not only because it is the pinnacle of golfing excellence but also because there is a vast amount of data available as it is held at the same course every year.

                Considering its stature amongst golf fans almost every sportsbook worth its salt will offer bets for the masters. You will also see a large increase in the number of promotions and offers available around the masters.

                  Betting on the Ryder Cup

                  Every two years the best players from Europe play the best players from the US in a tournament that lasts three days. This fixture is huge in the betting calendar, not least because it naturally includes the vast hordes of European bettors who have been able to legally bet online for years.

                  Most sportsbooks will offer a huge variety of bets for this tournament, as well as a large number of offers and promotions.

                  Considering there are only 28 points to play for, the sportsbooks often add a large number of proposition bets. You can think of these bets as ‘niche’ or one-off bets.

                  The woman’s version of the Ryder Cup is called the Solheim Cup and is growing in popularity. Although there has been a concerted effort to offer more bets for this cup, there are still many fewer bets available for this tournament.