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Nevada is the heart of gambling in the United States, and now you can place online bets in the silver state.

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Limited Online Sports Betting Legal in Nevada

Best sportsbooks in Nevada

The Silver State is the original home of sports betting in the USA. No other state will be able to knock Nevada of its perch anytime soon. Nevada, and in particular, Las Vegas is world renowned for its casinos which contain some of the best sportsbooks around.

Now, the state has also legalized sports betting online, which means the established sportsbooks are now moving online. This is excellent news for the US market as it is the Nevada based brand that have the best homegrown experience.

Best sportsbooks in Nevada

Rank Bonus Turnover Min odds 
21+ | Play responsibly | Terms & conditions apply

$25 no deposit free bet + up to $500 deposit bonus + up to $500 free bet

Turnover: 1x bonus amount

Lowest odds:

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Up to $500 risk-free bet

Turnover: 1x bonus amount

Lowest odds:

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100% match up to $250 on first deposit

Turnover: 1x bonus amount

Lowest odds:

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$500 risk-free bet

Turnover: 1x bonus amount

Lowest odds: -200

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matched bonus up to $500 & $10 no deposit free bet

Turnover: 1x bonus amount

Lowest odds: -200

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$20 no deposit free bet + up to $100 matched deposit bonus

Turnover: 1x bonus amount

Lowest odds:

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$10 no deposit free bet + up to $300 matched deposit bonus

Turnover: 1x bonus amount

Lowest odds: -200

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Frequently asked questions about Nevada gambling

Here are your most frequently asked questions when it comes to sports betting in NV.

Is it legal to bet online in NV?

Yes, as long as you are within state borders, and are over 21 years of age, you can bet legally online in Nevada. However, you will need to go to a physical casino or sportsbook to sign up and deposit money.

How old do you need to be to bet online in NV?

You must be 21 or older.

What are the best sportsbooks in Las Vegas?

On this page, we have ranked the sportsbooks after considering a wide range of factors such as usability, money lines and appearance. However, it still ultimately comes down to what sport and what type of betting you are interested in. We have tried to break down the categories of sports betting online in Nevada on this page.

What is the best sportsbook in Vegas 2019

When it comes to sports betting Las Vegas is Nevada. The capital, often called Sin City, has dominated not only the states gambling scene but the whole country. You can see out list of the best sportsbook in Nevada and Vegas below.

What hotels have sportsbooks in Vegas?

There are countless hotels that have sportsbooks in Las Begas, some of these include The Wynn, The Mirage, The Westgate, the ARIA Resort & Casino and the MGM Grand Las Vegas.

How do I create a sportsbook account online in NV?

You can bet online anywhere in Nevada. However, to create an account you will need to go to a physical location, to register and place your deposits. This can be a physical sportsbook, or a PayNearMe, kiosks, or 7-Eleven stores in Nevada.

Do you need to be in Nevada to gamble online

Yes, if it is a Nevada based sportsbook then you will have to be within the state borders.

Do you need to be a resident of Nevada to bet online?

No, you do not need to live in Nevada, but you must physically be in Nevada when you signup and gamble.

Is it safe to bet online in Nevada?

If it is a reputable sportsbook that we have advertised on this page, then yes it is safe to bet online in Nevada.

Can you bet on sports in Vegas?

Yes, you couldn’t be in a better place to bet on sports than Las Vegas. The city has been one of the only places in the country where it has been legal to bet on sports. So the sportsbooks in the Las Vegas have an absolute wealth of experience when it comes to sports betting.

What factors make a great Nevada based sportsbook

In ranking who we feel are the best sportsbooks in Nevada, we have taken into account a number of factors including:

  1. Usability: This can make or break your experience with online betting, especially if you are a beginner. You can have the best odds in the world but if they are too difficult to find then there is no point.
  2. Appearance: This is about the customer experience. When you gamble online, especially in Nevada, you will miss the extra thrill of being in a sportsbook or casino. So, it is up to the sportsbook to compensate for this. We want something fun and enjoyable to use!
  3. Odds: This is what betting is all about; finding value in bets and winning. You can find out more about how odds work on our dedicated page.
  4. Betting Features: With so much competition out there, sportsbooks really need to offer something special to catch our attention.
  5. Welcome Bonus: If you really want us, then prove it with a nice big welcome bonus!
  6. American Sports: Online sports betting has been a realm dominated by the European and Asian markets. So, we rank sportsbooks higher that carer primarily for the American bettor.

If you need to know more about each individual Nevada based sportsbook then just click on their name and you will be taken to an in-depth review.

Bettingscanner recommends

Best Sportsbook in Nevada

$25 no deposit free bet + up to $500 deposit bonus + up to $500 free bet

The first-ever online sportsbook in Nevada makes it to the top spot. It's simply got everything you need for betting on sports in the Silver State.

Best Nevada sportsbook apps

If you want to place a sports bet in Nevada you do it in two ways, in person or through a mobile app. Almost every sportsbook in Nevada have decided to go straight to mobile which means that the best sportsbooks in Nevada are also the best sportsbooks online!

This does make sense if you dig a little deeper into how the average American likes to bet. The vast majority of bets in states like NJ, where there are a large number of desktop sites, go through apps.

New customers prefer to place their first bets through an app.

As online betting becomes more ingrained in the Nevadan psyche then we expect there will also be an increase in desktop sportsbooks.

Best sportsbook lines in Nevada

When it comes to sportsbook money lines, you won’t find a much better state than Nevada. Las Vegas simply is the home of sports betting in the USA, so much so that people often just refer to Vegas instead of odds.

In this section, it is really hard to choose one sportsbook that has the best lines. But this very much depends on what event you are looking to bet on and what sport. There are two main reasons why it is hard to pick the ‘best’ sportsbook for money lines in Nevada.

  1. Almost every online sportsbook in Nevada originates from a physical sportsbook or a partnership with an existing casino. This means that with so many sportsbooks having existed for so many years, there will be a market average that sportsbooks will not deviate too much from. With Vegas-based sportsbooks, you usually know you will get good value juice.
  2. Each sportsbook will be slightly more aligned with a certain sport or league. This might take the form of an actual partnership or it could just be because they have marketed themselves to a certain sports fan.

It’s for the second reason that we have broken down what we believe are the best Nevada based sportsbooks for the major American leagues.

bettingscanner recommends

best sportsbook in NV for NBA

$500 risk-free bet

The Vegas-based casino and sportsbook has cosied up to the NBA and offers the best lines and selection of bets around.

Best sportsbook in Nevada for NBA

Although Nevada doesn't have an NBA team to boast about, the interest in the NBA is huge.

When it comes to choosing the right sportsbook for gambling on the NBA in Nevada we have looked at a number of factors. The main ones we take into account are the selection of bets available for the NBA and how the sportsbook’s juice compares to its rivals.

We will highlight one sportsbook as the standout winner in this category and that is Play MGM. This Las Vegas sportsbook and casino are official partners with the NBA. This means that they have access to information and rights that other sportsbooks do not. This, in turn, leads to a better service, more stats, live feeds, promotions and slightly better odds.

One thing is for sure when betting on the NBA in Nevada and that is that you will not be short of options!

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Best sportsbook in NV for NFL

$10 no deposit free bet + up to $300 matched deposit bonus

Ceasars has signed an official partnership with the NFL which means it has all the stats and all the access!

Best sportsbook in Nevada for NFL

As with the NBA, Nevada does not have any teams in the NFL but that doesn’t mean that does not mean that the locals are not keen NFL fans. And it certainly doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy to place a wager or two on the NFL!

Again we have looked at the what sportsbooks offer the widest selection of bets for the NFL as well as which sportsbooks have the best juice for the NFL in Nevada. We also look at specific NFL promotions or specials that the sportsbook might offer - although this aspect is weighted less in the rankings.

The sportsbook that is obviously a standout when it comes to betting on the NFL in Nevada is Caesar’s.

This is because the NFL has actually signed Caesar’s as its casino partner. Initially, the NFL had been resistant to the idea of online sports betting but after they saw the financial potential in the sport they were quick to sign with one of America’s largest sportsbooks.

bettingscanner recommends

Best sportbook in NV for MLB

$500 risk-free bet

PlayMGM, a child of the Vegas gambling scene, is an official partner of the MLB.

Best Sportsbook in Nevada for MLB

Again, there are no MLB teams from Nevada but that doesn’t mean that the state isn’t mad about the league.

There is still a lot of emphasis on the MLB in the states numerous casinos and sportsbooks. In part, because baseball is a sport well suited to gambling.

You can read more about that on our page about MLB sports betting.

In the list to the right, we have compiled the sportsbooks that we have calculated are the best for MLB sports betting. Here we have looked at the Nevada based sportsbooks juice and selection of bets. We have also looked at any MLB promotions they offer.

There is a standout sportsbook in this category that we thought it might be worth going into a little more depth about. That sportsbook is Play MGM, the Las Vegas-based company is the official partner of the MLB. This deal gives the sportsbook access to league logos and sports betting operations.

This deal does not mean that the sportsbook will automatically have better juice, but in a roundabout way, it has resulted in them providing the best service and odds for online sports betting in Nevada. They get all the enhanced statistics from the league and will place a lot more promotional and marketing resources on the MLB. This, in turn, is reflected in the odds and the variety of bets on offer.

Best Sportsbook in Nevada for NHL

Yes! Finally, a sport where Nevada is represented! In 2018, The Golden Knights became the first major professional sports team to hail from Las Vegas. In the middle of the scorching Nevada desert, a hockey team came to the states sporting rescue!

This means that betting on the NHL in Nevada was given a significant boost. This is reflected in the number of bets available from the Nevada based sportsbooks when it comes to the NHL.

There are three sportsbooks that standout when it comes to betting on the NHL in Nevada and those are William Hill, FanDuel and Play MGM.

The reason for this is that all of these sportsbooks have signed official partnerships with the NHL.

These partnerships give both William Hill, FanDuel and PlayMGM access to certain information as well as marketing materials. MGMs partnership goes one step further, with the NHL providing MGM with a huge amount of data collected from the sensors placed in the pucks and shoulder pads of the hockey players.

William Hill also has an official partnership with The Vegas Golden Nights. However, the extra data that can be fed into MGM resorts systems provide a whole new level of NHL betting experience.

Best sportsbook welcome bonus in Nevada

Ready for some good news? Here it is: Nevada based sportsbooks offer some absolutely amazing welcome bonuses for new customers. Eager to attract new customers, the sportsbooks have offered their new online punters absolutely incredible bonuses.

We can tell you now, 2019 is the perfect time to snap these welcome bonuses up, as it’s this year that the sportsbooks are looking to get people on board.

The bonuses vary a lot in the two ways. First, in the amount that they give away and also in the number of terms and conditions that they include. These are two very different things and we encourage you to look in detail at the second one.

In Nevada, you still have to physically go into a sportsbook to sign up and deposit money, so if you are willing to put the time into doing that then you should be willing to put the time into looking through the t&c's of the welcome bonus.

What we are trying to tell you here is don’t get distracted by the huge sums being offered. Often smaller amounts come with much less risk and a much greater chance of real cash in your account.

Nevada sports betting history

Its been almost a century since intrepid gamblers began betting on sports in Vegas. The city, now known as ‘sin city’ grew into a hub for casinos in the 20th century. Despite restrictive legislation being enforced all around the country, it was generally accepted the country needed one place to scratch their gambling itch, and that place was Vegas.

Almost every country has their designated area for gambling, China has Macau and the USA has Las Vegas.

The only other state to have ever challenged Vegas’ crown, is Atlantic City in New Jersey. Las Vegas’ revenue has, despite a brief period in the 70s far outstripped that of it’s the largest rival though.

The sportsbooks in Nevada have always existed within the casinos, so Nevada now faces a new challenge. How can they retain all the gambling revenue despite more and more sports betting moving online?

Gambling in Nevada 2019

In 2018, the US Congress ruled that the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was unconstitutional. The news rocked the betting industry as it meant the World’s largest market had suddenly opened its doors to sports betting. Since then states have either legalised sports betting online or are discussing it.

This puts Nevada in a bit of an unusual standing. Since the Silver State has never been in line with the rest of the country, they have in a sense got a head start over the other states. However, they have found it hard to shift their operations from their beloved casinos online, which could in the end mean they lose out to other states.

Yes, online sports betting has been legalised in Nevada, so in some ways, they are still ahead of the curve. However, they still require you to register, in person, at a physical casino.

This is a really outdated system, especially when you compare them to states in New Jersey.

Online sports betting has been legal for decades in Europe and it is almost unheard of to require an individual to come into a physical location to sign up. We just don’t see this rule holding up for much longer. We expect the state will see sense, and recognize that betting on sports online is just a different thing to gambling in casinos.

Having said that, the sportsbooks that exist online in Nevada come from a place of real experience. They have been there for many many years and they know their customers inside out. So, in terms of quality of online sportsbooks, Nevada, along with perhaps New Jersey sportsbooks, have the absolute best.

Nevada sports betting law

You probably know this all already but it is always worth looking through the main points when it comes to the law:

  • In Nevada, you have to be over 21-year-old to gamble legally.
  • You do not need to be a resident of Nevada to gamble online.
  • You have to be physically in Nevada to gamble with a Nevada based sportsbook. The sportsbook will register your IP address with which they can geolocate you.
  • You will need to register yourself in person at a casino with which your sportsbook of choice is partnered with. You will need to provide valid identification.

Nevada sportsbooks Depositing and Withdrawing

The move online has not been that smooth for Nevada based sportsbooks. This means that not only do you need to register in person, but you also need to deposit and withdraw in person. This can be done at a physical casino, 7 Eleven or PayNearMe locations.

This is a general rule in the state, but there are some exceptions. Some sportsbooks allow withdrawals through their app, but the rules on this are still a little hazy.

In short - the most effective, secure way to deposit and withdraw money is to do it at the casino that is partnered with your sportsbook.

Since most of the casinos are based in Las Vegas, if you live in another part of Nevada then we suggest you place all you want to deposit at once. Although it might not be the most convenient or spontaneous way to bet, it can be a good way for sport betting beginners to get started. At least, it ensures you plan the amount you are willing to spend.

Nevada sportbook betting locations

There are numerous physical locations where you can go to bet in Nevada. Usually, at we like to stick to the online world, but since Nevada currently require you to go in person to set up an account and deposit money, it could be good to be aware of some of the major locations:

  • William Hill Deposit Hotspot, Las Vegas, NV
  • William Hill Primm, NV
  • William Hill Sports Book, Pyramid Park Shopping Center, Sparks, NV
  • William Hill Sports Book, Elko, NV
  • Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, NV
  • Ceasar’s Palace, Las Vegas, NV
  • MGM Grand Race & Sportsbook, Las Vegas, NV

Nevada sports gambling revenue

Nevada still dominates sports betting revenue, despite it now being legal in other parts of the country. After so many years with effectively a monopoly on the industry, Nevada faces stiff competition. However, it will many many years before another state comes near Nevada.

If we take the month of December 2018 we can see that Nevada brought in $44 million in revenue compared to New Jersey, with the second-highest amount of $18.8 million. Nevada also has a favourable tax rate of 6.75% compared to NJ which has an 8.5% tax rate.