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FAQs about NBA sports betting

Betting on basketball and the NBA is unique experience compared to other sports. This makes it more important than ever to know what you're doing. Here are some of the most common questions we get asked.

💯 What is the best sportsbook for betting on the NBA?

There are a number of online sportsbooks that provide excellent basketball odds. Our top picks are:

  • DraftKings
  • FanDuel
  • PointsBet
  • Caesars

⚖️Is it legal to bet on the NBA?

Yes. It is completely legal to bet on the NBA as long as you have checked the following two things:

  1. The sportsbook you have chosen is fully licensed in the US. You can check this list of legal sportsbooks in the US.
  2. You are in a state where sports betting is legal. Here are a list of states with legal sportsbooks:

🤔 How do NBA odds work?

NBA odds are usually offered in the form of Moneyline (American odds) rather than decimal odds (popular in parts of Europe and Asia) and fractional odds (popular in the UK and Ireland).

With moneyline bets, a minus symbol (-) is assigned to the favorite and a plus symbol (+) to the underdog. A number will then appear next to these symbols. This number will represent how much you can expect to win from your wager.

🏃‍♂️ What does run line mean in basketball?

This is almost the same as an NFL run line. You will back give the favorite, or underdog, a points handicap with run lines. So, if you select a 2.5 run line in basketball and back the favorite, they will need to win by three points or more. If you back the underdog, then they can lose by two points, one point or win the game.

❓ What is the best type of bet for the NBA?

We like spread betting on NBA games. The high scoring nature of the sport suits this type of bet.

🤝 Does the NBA partner with any sportsbooks?

Yes. The following sportsbooks have partnered with the National Basketball Association:

NBA Sportsbooks 2021 🏀

With 1230 games a season, the NBA is a great option for sports fans looking to try their hand at online sports betting.

The length of the season, the heavy schedule and high points turnover make it an incredibly exciting sport to bet on.

The NBA is currently on a par with the MLB in the US in terms of popularity, but when it comes to betting it has more of a global reach.

When it comes to picking the best sportsbook for NBA betting it will depend on where in the US you are placing your bets, as well as what type of bet you are looking for.

You can currently place a bet online on an NBA match in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia, New Hampshire, Iowa, Oregon and Colorado.

NJ, PA, IN have by far the largest selection of sportsbooks, as well as NBA teams that have partnered with sportsbooks to offer slightly favorable odds.

NBA Sportsbooks

What range of NBA bets does the sportsbook provide?

Do they offer an extensive array of stats to go alongside your betting?

Are their value in the sportsbook NBA odds?

Does the sportsbook provide in-play betting for NBA matches?

Does the sportsbook offer NBA-specific promotions?

Betting on the NBA

What is the best sportsbook for betting on NBA games?

1 February 2021

We have selected our ultimate online sportsbook for betting on the NBA in 2021. Read more

Best NBA sportsbook in NJ

Betting on the NBA in NJ is huge. In the first year of legalised online sports betting, the state received an incredible $823,596,443 in wagers.

This means that NJ based sportsbooks have placed a large emphasis on NBA betting, so you have a wide selection of choices.

    DraftKings and FanDuel established themselves in the fantasy sports world before moving into online sports betting when it was legalised in 2018. They set up shop in NJ very early on, and are a top choice for anyone based in the state.

    However, it is the Aussie sportsbook, PointsBet that tops our list. The company offers a complete package; a great mobile product, above market average odds and a generous welcome offer.


    Best NBA sportsbook in NJ: PointsBet

    Risk Free Bet up to $1,500

    The online sportsbook has taken the country by storm with its excellent online product and unique points betting.

    This form of betting allows you to place a bet on a sliding scale where the amount you win depends on how right your wager is, and the amount you lose depends on how wrong your wager is.

    We also really like their welcome bonus, which is both generous and honest.

    Best NBA Sportsbook in PA

    Pennsylvania is an excellent state for sports betting on the NBA. Not only does it have the second highest number of online sportsbooks in the country, but it has some of the easiest sign-up and deposit regulations around.

    Just as in New Jersey, it is the 'big-two'; Fanduel and DraftKings that really stand out.

    The two giants, offer the most expansive, reliable and trusted services on the market today. It also helps, that many Pennsylvanians will already be signed up to their fantasy sports service, making the transition to their sportsbook seamless.

    When it comes to betting on the NBA in Pennsylvania we have to hand the topspot to DraftKings, even if their product is of a similar standard to its rival FanDuel. The reason is its recent multi-year sponsorship deal with the Philadelphia 76ers. They are now the official sportsbook and casino partner of the NBA teams - and put simply that means more stats, better odds and more promotions for the only Pennsylvania based NBA team.

    BettingScanner Recommends

    Best NBA sportsbook in PA: DraftKings

    Deposit Bonus of up to $1,000

    The sportsbook and fantasy sports operator offers some of the best odds on the NBA in the state as well as a great product. It also sponsors the 76ers.

    Best NBA Sportsbook in Indiana

    The Aussie sportsbook appear to have chosen its Indiana sportsbook as one of its flagship products. The sportsbook, once considered a niche sportsbook for point spread betting has fast emerged as one of the major all-round sportsbooks in the US.

    The company still outperforms all of its rivals when it comes to spread betting, a form of betting that lends itself well to basketball, due to the high points turnover.

    It has also recently signed a sponsorship deal with the NBA, which means that its user experience for NBA betting is world-class.

    BettingScanner recommends

    Best NBA sportsbook in IN: PointsBet

    Risk Free Bet up to $1,500

    The Aussie sportsbook recently penned a sponsorship deal with the NBA. It was also one of the first sportsbooks to launch in Indiana.

    NBA Sportsbooks: Spread Betting

    It might seem strange to look for a sportsbook with the best spread betting instead of the best moneylines. Of course, moneylines remain one of the most popular forms of betting when it comes to the NBA, however you can usually find a much better value in spread betting.

    The most common form of betting on basketball is a spread, as the point system is a perfect match with the nature of the sport.

    We have already explained why that's the case; the high points turnover. But it's also that you usually get a strong favorite in NBA game, which means that moneylines - backing a winner - are not as relevant.

    How to calculate basketball spread bets

    Compared to other sports, a lot of points are scored in Basketball. Add to this the fact that the NBA scoring is at an all-time high - currently, 113.4 points per game - and you can start to understand why sportsbooks and punters alike favour a betting spread.

    The spread will reduce the differences between the favourites and the underdogs by giving them a points handicap or points head-start.

    The handicap is written as a number preceded by a minus symbol (-), which indicates the favourite and a plus symbol (+) which indicates the underdog.


    The Celtic are playing the Wizards and the following opening line is offered:

    Celtics -2 (-100) Wizards +2(-100)

    This minus means that the favourites are the Celtics and the plus means that the Wizards are the underdogs. This number two refers to the points handicap. The -100 are the odds.

    Say you choose to accept this spread and back the Celtics. You place $10 on them to win. This means there could be three potential outcomes to the game:

    1. The Celtics win by more than two points. You receive $20 ($10 profit and a $10 original wager)
    2. The Celtics win by exactly two points. Your $10 wager is returned.
    3. The Celtics lose, or they win but only by a point. The sportsbook wins.

    Bettingscanner recommends for NBA Spread Betting

    Top Performer: Pointsbet

    Risk Free Bet up to $1,500

    They got their niche, and points is it! When it comes to spread betting nothing can top Pointsbet's selection!

    NBA Sportsbooks: Moneyline betting

    This is the simplest type of sports bet and is thus popular amongst fans of the NBA. However, moneyline betting and the NBA are not a perfect match.

    The reason for this is that in Basketball, more than other sports you will get powerhouses playing much smaller teams, creating an imbalance which makes it less exciting, or valuable to place a moneyline bet. Take soccer as an example, which is much lower scoring, and were the favourites are less expected to win, in general, than in the NBA. This makes soccer much more suited to moneyline betting than basketball.

    Bettingscanner recommends

    Best sportsbook for moneylines: FanDuel

    $1,000 No Sweat First Bet

    They really have proven themselves in the US sports betting market. Now, that they have partnered with the NBA, their selection of basketball bets have gone through the roof!

    How to calculate basketball moneylines.

    Minus Moneylines

    A neat way to learn how basketball moneylines actually work is to work out how much profit you’ll make with your wager. Now, we don’t expect you to sit there with your calculator every time, but working out the logic behind the odds will help you read them in the long run.

    Let’s use the same example as above where you place a $10 wager on the Warriors at moneyline odds of -800

    To calculate this you can use the following formula:

    (your stake / minus moneyline odds) x 100

    ($10 / 800) x 100

    (0.0125) x100

    Winnings = $1.25

    Plus Moneylines

    Let’s say you put down a $10 wager on the underdog, the Clippers, at moneyline odds of +700.

    To calculate this you can use the following formula:

    Winnings = (your stake x plus moneyline odds) /100

    Winnings = ($10 x 700) /100

    Winnings = 7000 / 100

    Winnings = $70

    An example of an NBA moneyline bet

    The Warriors are playing the Clippers and the moneyline odds are as follows:

    Clippers +700 Warriors -800

    You want to back the favourites, so you place a $10 bet on the Warriors.

    There are two potential outcomes:

    1. The Warriors win. You receive $11.25 ($1.25 profit and $10 original wager).
    2. The Warriors lose. You lose.

    Here you can see that if you are backing a strong favourite to win you won’t get much in return unless you put a huge wager, which increases the risk of losing big. That is why moneyline betting is not as popular as spread betting when it comes to NBA bets.

    NBA Best Sportsbooks

    NBA SportsbooksOver/Under or Totals Betting explained

    With this type of NBA bet you’ll be placing a wager on how many total points there will be in a match. It will not matter who wins the match. These type of bets are also known as ‘totals’.

    The sportsbook will set a predetermined points benchmark and offer you odds either side of this points total. As expected for such a high scoring sport, you’ll see some pretty big over/under numbers.
    An example of an NBA total bet

    The Raptors are playing the Pacers and your sportsbook have offered the following juice:

    Over 200.5 at -105

    Under 200.5 at -110

    You feel that this will be a very high scoring match, so you place a bet on over 200.5 points. You are feeling confident, so you place a $20 wager. There could be two possible outcomes:

    1. The match ends in over 200 points. You receive $39.5 (your original $20 wager and $19.05 in profit).
    2. The match ends in under 200 points. You lose

    NBA Sportsbooks: Quarterline bets

    This type of sports bet remains relatively unique in the world of sports betting. As an NBA game is broken down into 12 minute quarters, sportsbooks offer you a ‘meta’ bet, where you can treat a quarter as a single match.

    This can work well if you feel a team plays or will adapt their play to start with high intensity and gain an early lead, or vice versa.’s advice

    Since this is quite a niche type of bet, there will almost always be a reason for it appearing as an option. If you have heard something in the news, it is very likely that your sportsbook has as well and may well have adjusted the juice. Sportsbooks are huge corporations, with specialized teams and computer software processing vast amounts of information. So, make sure that even if there is a method in your decision, the potential returns must reflect value in the bet.

    NBA Sportsbooks: Halftime Lines

    A 1st half line follows the same concept but only applies to the second half of an NBA game. This type of bet treats the last 24 minutes as its own game. The first half in this instance is only relevant as a tool by which you, as a punter, can predict the second half and to help the sportsbook set their juice.

    An example of an NBA halftime line

    The Houston Rockets are playing The San Antonio Spurs. The halftime score is 50-48.

    The halftime Line is as follows:

    Rockets -2 (-110) Spurs +2 (-100)

    You feel that Spurs will stage a comeback and win the game comfortably, so you place a $10 bet on them at these odds.

    The final result is 90-95.

    This means that the Rockets have scored 40 (90-50) points and Spurs have scored 47 (95-48) in the second half.

    So, you have covered your spread and will receive $38.18 from your sportsbook ($18.18 in profit).

    NBA Sportsbooks: Parlay betting

    This type of bet is a combination of bets, which in turn lengthens the odds and increases the payout.

    You can generate a large amount of money if you win a parlay, but it is important to remember that with each bet you add, you increase the risk of losing, as it only takes one loss, for you to lose your whole parlay.

    Usually, we would not recommend using a parlay as you often can find a better value in placing single bets. However as long as you don’t combine too many bets, we actually like using this betting form when it comes to NBA betting. Compared to other sports, basketball games are pretty short, with lots of points which means it can make some sense to combine a few of your bets.

    An example of an NBA parlay bet

    You want to bet on the Bulls +5 and the Pistons -4.5.

    If you combine these two your sportsbook offers you a point teaser of 6.5. This will shift the spread to Bulls +11.5 and Pistons -2.

    The price you pay for this boost is a lower payout than you would receive with a parlay.

    NBA teaser bets, like parlay bets, are an amalgamation of parlay bets and a spread bets in that you combine bets into one and then receive an adjusted handicap in your favour. This means that you will not get as big a return as a parlay. We like to think of it as a ‘Parlay lite’.

    This betting form is easier to understand when you look at an example:

    NBA Sportsbooks: In-play betting

    Online in-play sports betting sprung onto the scene a few years ago as internet speeds got faster and betting sites looked at new ways to attract punters.

    US bettors place in-play wagers much more frequently than their European counterparts. This is largely due to the late legalization of online betting, which meant that betting habits were formed in retail sportsbooks and casinos whilst watching games.

    The NBA with its short games, split into four quarters is perfectly designed for quick live bets. But live betting has some requirements that other forms of betting don’t.

      What you need for in-play betting
      • A fast internet connection
      • A sportsbook that can load pages quickly
      • A user-friendly site that you can navigate with limited time.

      There are some additional features that a sportsbook can offer which can vastly improve your experience when betting on the NBA.

      • Live infographics which provide you with all the current information. Sometimes streams or TV coverage can lag.
      • A live stream. There is currently no streaming from a betting site for NBA matches. You can stream the NBA using some betting sites based in Europe. This may be something that will appear in the future when the sports betting industry is more established in the USA.

      NBA Sportsbook Apps

      If you bet using your smartphone in the USA, then a good sportsbook app can be of huge benefit. Currently, all reputable sportsbooks have a website that is optimized for mobile use. However, fiddling around on your browser is less than ideal.

      A lot of sportsbooks now offer apps where you can bet on the NBA.

      It is a factor which we take into consideration when evaluating which sportsbooks are the best for USA customers. The USA is still lagging behind Europe in terms of online betting, so there are fewer apps available stateside than across the pond.

      Even so, not all betting sites in Europe have apps. This is mainly down to restrictions placed on them by Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

      To download betting apps, you are often required to change your security settings to allow unrecognized apps, which can frighten some customers or they simply can’t find the app when searching for it.

      This, in turn, has led some betting sites to not develop an app.

      Live betting or quarter or halftime betting are popular forms of bet form when it comes to the NBA. These only leave you with a limited amount of time with which to place your bet which means an app you are familiar can prove very useful.

      Does the NBA consider betting legal?

      Yes. The NBA was ahead of the NFL in signing a betting partnership after the Supreme Court ruling in 2018. They struck a deal with playMGM, the same company that partners with the MLB, NHL and MLS.

      The NBA originally tried to play hardball with the states demanding an ‘integrity fee’ of 1% for each bet placed on the NBA, but they have since relaxed their view. They have now focused on the opportunities in fan engagement and increased coverage over gaining a financial cut from betting. The goodwill this optimism has garnered so far has meant that the NBA has not stood in the way of the relaxation of betting legislation.