Best NBA Sportsbooks

What is the best sportsbook for betting on NBA games?

1 February 2021

We have selected our ultimate online sportsbook for betting on the NBA in 2023.

The best online sportsbook for NBA betting

Let's start off with the good news first.

Through our sophisticated ranking system, which analyzes odds offered, selection of bets available and NBA-specific promotions we have selected our top performing online sportsbook for betting on the the NBA.

The bad news is, it might not be available in your state. But fear not, if that is the case then we have offered you some alternatives below.

So, what is the ultimate sportsbook for betting on the NBA in 2023?

Best NBA online sportsbook 2021

PointsBet: Best sportsbook for NBA betting

Now a Fanatics Experience

The Australian sportsbook has sent shockwaves throught the US sports betting market with its unique form of points betting. The sportsbook has also sponsored a number of NBA teams and offers a generous welcome bonus.

Why PointsBet?

This sportsbook topped our list for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the online sportsbook offers the largest variety of unique bets on the NBA. Not only, do they offer the standard moneylines, parlays, teasers and futures, but they also offer their Points Betting option which is extremely well suited to NBA matches.

Points Betting explained

With Points Betting your winnings and losses are not fixed. This means that you can win or lose money depending on how correct, or incorrect you bet is.

For example:

The Raptors are playing the Pacers and you believe it will be a high scoring game, so you place $5 on over 200 points being scored.

For ever point over 200 scored, you will earn $10 and for every point under 200 you will lose $5.

Points Betting vs. moneyline wager

With a moneyline bet your odds are fixed, so you will be aware of the potential winnings and losses before an event. With PointsBet this is fluid.

This means you have more potential to win big with PointsBet as there is more opportunity to beat the sportsbook. However, it is also riskier as you can face losses much greater than you were expecting.

As you can see from the example above Points Betting is very well suited to NBA betting. This is something PointsBet is well aware of and is the reason why they have thrown their weight behind the NBA.

The online sportsbook also consistently offers odds for standard wagering that are above the market average when it comes to value.

PointsBet also sponsor the Indiana Pacers, the Detroit Pistons and the Denver Nuggets.

If you do support these teams then we highly recommend you chose PointsBet as you will simply get the best odds, the widest selection of bets and team-specific promotions for your team's matches.

Where Can You Bet on the NBA with PointsBet?

  • Indiana - The sportsbook has been active in the Hoosier State since March 2020. As well as sponsoring the NBA's Pacers, the company is partnered with NFL's Indianapolis Colts.
  • Illinois - PointsBet has been a suprise success in Illinois, a state which promises to be a new hub for sports betting.
  • Iowa - The state recently legalized sports betting.
  • New Jersey - PointsBet has been active in the state since January 2019
  • Colorado - PointsBet was one of the first to launch in the Centennial State.
  • Michigan - As soon as the state went online in 2021, PointsBet launched their product showing their intention to cement their spot in the US sports betting market.

Betting on the NBA FAQs

Is betting on the NBA safe?

If the online sportsbook you bet with is a licensed online sportsbook and a authorized sports betting partner in the league, then it is completely safe to bet on the NBA.

It is not always safe to bet on college basketaball. You must check if your state allows this before placing a wager.

Here is a full list of legal online sportsbooks.

Can I make money by betting on the NBA?

Yes, but you can also lose money. It all depends on how smart you are and ultimately if you have luck on your side. Remember betting on sports is both a game of luck and chance.

Are there crooked refs in the NBA?

There have been crooked refs in the NBA. However, after a high-profile case, where a referee admitted to gambling on games efforts have been made to stamp it out of the game.

Best online sportsbook in PA for betting on the NBA

Our first choice of sportsbook is unfortunately not available in Pennsylvania. However, there is an excellent alternative in the form of DraftKings.

If you have not used DraftKings as a sportsbook, you are no doubt familiar with it as a Daily Fantasy Sports Operator.

DraftKings has made the move in to the sports betting world seamlessly, and now dominate the market alongside its main rivals, FanDuel.

In Pennsylvania DraftKings have endeared itself to locals by sponsoring the famous 76ers. Caesars Sportsbook and FoxBet have also signed with the NBA team making it the most sponsored team in the league.

DraftKings has placed a lot of emphasis on their NBA offering in the state. You will find excellent odds and an unparalleled selection of bets with DraftKings PA.

Best PA sportsbook for NBA betting

DraftKings: Best sportsbook for betting on NBA in PA

Great for Betting & DFS

The online sportsbook currently dominates the PA market thanks to its excellent product. The fact that it has sponsored the 76ers has probably helped its rise to the top!

NBA teams sponsored by online sportsbooks

There can be no denying that if a sportsbook sponsors an NBA team then you are likely to find better odds and promotions for that team.

Here are all the current active sponsorships:

Fanduel - Detroit Pistons and Memphis Grizzlies

PointsBet - Indiana Pacers, Denver Nuggets and Detroit Pistons

FoxBet - 76ers

DraftKings - Chicago Bulls and 76ers

Caesars - 76ers

BetRivers - Detroit Pistons

Betting on the NBA

Betting on the NBA is a unique experience, with 1230 games in a normal season and a cluttered schedule. The sport of basketball, with its high points turnover, use of unlimited substitutions and end to end action, makes it a one of a kind betting experience.

One such way sports betting on the NBA is different to the other sports are the different types of bets that bettors use, including Spread Bets, Quaterline Bets, Halftime Lines and In Play Betting.

Spread Betting on the NBA

A spread bet reduces the difference between the favorites and the underdogs by giving them a handicap, or a head start - which are indicated by a minus symbol (-) or a plus symbol (+). This form of betting is popular with NBA games due to the high scoring nature of the sport. With a traditional moneyline bet, you can only back a winner or a loser, but with spread betting you can even the playing field.

An example of an NBA Spread Bet

The 76ers are playing the Pacers and the following spread is offered.

76ers -4 (-100) Pacers +4(-100)

The minus symbol placed before the first 4, indicates that the 76ers are favorites and the plus symbol before the second 4 indicates that the Pacers are underdogs. The handicap is 4 and the odds are -100.

This means that the match effectively begins with a 4 point handicap to the 76ers.

Let us say you still back the 76ers and wager $10 on them to win. There are three potential outcomes:

  • The 76ers win by more than four points. You receive $20 (your original wager plus $10 in profit)
  • The 76ers win by four points. You get your $10 wager back.
  • The 76ers win by three points or less, it is a draw or the Pacers win. You lose your $10 wager.

NBA Quarterline Bets

This is a form of betting entirely unique to basketball.

Quarterline bets allow you to bet just on one of the twelve minute NBA periods. This can work well if you feel that a team tends to play with a different strategy or perform at a different intensity during a particular period.

NBA Halftime Lines

This follows the same logic as a quarterline bet, only it targets the second-half of an NBA game. A halftime bet can be a good option if you sense a comeback is about to occur.

NBA In Play betting

This form of betting is very popular in the US. Its popularity is in part down to the fact that you can have a slighly greater chance of beating the sportsbook than with a standard moneyline.

If you are watching a game on TV or better yet, at an actual game, then you may be able to spot something the sportsbooks have not.

In-play betting, often called live betting, is a risky form of betting, even if you can potentially earn some big bucks. It is possible to get swept up in the moment and take a greater risk than you would have with a standard pre-event moneyline.

Our advice is twofold. If you are going to bet live, do not drink and do not bet on your own team!