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The Sunflower State is currently considering two different sports betting bills. We expect sportsbooks will finally be allowed to set up shop in Kansas in 2021.

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Kansas is expecting to take action soon when it comes to legalize Online Sports betting & Online Casino

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Kansas has taken a somewhat unique route when it comes to legalizing sports betting with the House and Senate drawing up their own bills.

In short - the senate bill gives exclusivity to the four-state casinos and the house bill allows the Kansas Lottery to operate sports betting through an interactive platform.

Whichever bill is agreed upon, it looks like we will have sports betting up and running in Kansas by 2021.
Betting in KS - what you can and can't do

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FAQs online sports betting in Kansas

Kansas should welcome sports betting in 2021. Here are your most common questions regarding sports betting in the Sunflower State.

⚖️ Is sports betting legal in Kansas?

No, sports betting is not currently legal in Kansas. Two bills are currently being considered - one in the Senate and one in the House - which would see sports betting legalized in the state of Kansas.

🤔 Are there any sportsbooks in Kansas?

Not yet. There are two bills currently being considered by the state. One would see the four state casinos operate sports betting whereas the other would see the lottery operate sports betting.

⌛ When will online sports betting be legal in Kansas?

We expect an agreement to be reached between the House and the Senate by early 2021.

❓ How can I bet on sports in Kansas?

You cannot legally bet on sports in Kansas. This should change in 2021 once there is an agreement between the House and Senate regarding who will operate mobile betting.

Kansans can travel to neighbouring Colorada to place a bet online. Soon they will able to travel to Missouri to place a bet.

Online Sports Betting in Kansas

It is very likely that Kansas will legalize sports betting; the question though is when.

Colorado was the first state to put pressure on Kansas to legalize sports betting after the Centennial State went online in 2020. States loathe seeing potential revenue flow into other states, that is why you can see groups of states come online at roughly the same time.

This point is especially true when you have a large city bordering a state that has legalized sports betting. When this is the case punters can simply cross the state line and use their mobile to place a wager. You can see this in New Jersey, where roughly a third of all customers are New Yorkers who make the short trip to NJ. Now, that Missouri is about to come online, Kansas is really taking notice since half of Kansas City is in Show-me state.

So eager are they that both the Senate and the House have draw up a bill. The problem is the bills conflict with each other.

The Houses Bill favours the Lottery, handing them the right to operate mobile sports betting. This proposal is fiercely opposed by the four state casinos which prefer the Senate's bill which hands them exclusivity.

We expect that Missouri's progress will act as a catalyst in this process and an agreement should be struck during next year's legislative session.

Sports Betting in Kansas: The situation in short
  • The US Supreme Court deems the PASPA act unconstitutional in May 2018.
  • In 2020 the S283 sports betting bill was proposed by the Senate
  • In 2020, House Bill 2671 was propsed with the House State and Local Affairs Committee dropping the Senate's proposal in favour of the House bill.
The Kansas City Royals Sportsbooks

The Kansas City Royals are a popular MLB team in Kansas

Sports Teams in Kansas

The State of Kansas is home to three pro sports teams which is mighty impressive considering it has only 2.9 inhabitants.

The Kansas City Chiefs are an NFL team that play at the Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. The Chiefs have one two Super Bowls including last year's LIV Super Bowl.

The Kansas City Royals are a MLB team that play at the Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City. They have won two World Series titles.

Sporting Kansas City are an MLS team that play at the Children's Mercy Park. They have won the MLS Cup twice in 2000 and 2013. They have also won the U.S. Open Cup on four occasions.