How to choose the best sportsbook in the US

It's the million-dollar question.

How to choose the best sportsbook in the us

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This is one of the key questions that we try to answer at There are two approaches to this question that we like to take and both are as important as each other. The first is what sportsbook has the best product and service. The second is what do you personally need from a sportsbook.

If the American sports industry was a person, it would be barely be walking, so the difference between sportsbooks and what they can offer you is vast. We recommend you look at each of our individual reviews to get a really good idea of what the best sportsbook is for you.

In these reviews, we rank the sportsbook according to a number of different factors. But again, remember to also look at what you need from a sportsbook, for example, if you want to place In Play bets, and the sportsbook does not offer live betting then it doesn’t matter how good their rating is, they won’t be for you!

Frequently asked questions when choosing the best sportsbook

Which are the biggest sportsbooks in the US?

The largest sportsbooks at the moment are DraftKings, FanDuel, SugarHouse, Ceasars, 888Sport, Pointsbet, William Hill, Betstars and playMGM.

What is the best sportsbook in NJ?

There are an ever-growing number of great sportsbooks in NJ. DraftKings launched first and since then playMGM, SugarHouse, FanDuel, Caesars, William Hill, 888Sport and Betstars NJ.

Can you parlay in-play bets?

No, Parlay bets cannot be placed as live bets.

What are the best sportsbooks in PA?

Currently, you can only bet online with SugarHouse, FanDuel and DraftKings in PA. But we can expect many more sportsbooks to enter the Quaker State in late 2019. The state has a high tax rate and an expensive license, so it has taken a little longer than NJ.

What are the best sportsbooks in NV?

You can choose between some real big names in the Silver State including DraftKings, FanDuel, 888Sport, SugarHouse, PointsBet and Betfair. All of these sportsbooks are reputable and it really depends what you want from a sportsbook. You can read more about this on our dedicated page Best Nevada Betting.

Factors to look for in a sportsbook

Working out what the best sportsbook in the US market is a complicated business. Not only is it hard to chose which sportsbook is the best, but it can also change weekly. Sportsbooks have only been legal since 2018 in the US. This means that new sportsbooks are popping up all the time. It also means that many sportsbooks are constantly adding to their service.

Some sportsbooks chose to launch as soon as sports betting became legal which meant they entered the market with limited service. These sportsbooks have since added more and more to their sites which in turn, meant they shot up our rankings. Whereas other sportsbooks have concentrated on launching with a more complete product.

So, what factors do we consider when we rank who we believe are the sportsbooks? Well, we let’s split it into two groups, essential factors and bonus factors:

  • The odds
  • Interface - usability and layout
  • Range of payment methods
  • Speed of deposits and withdrawals
  • Bet variety - how many different bets are available, for example, parlays, teasers etc
  • The number of sports available to bet on - Is there more to bet on than the big 4 (NBA, MLB, NFL & NFL)?
  • Mobile betting
  • Customer Service

Then what do we see as important but non-essential?

  • Live Betting
  • Live streaming
  • Cashout
  • Promotions
  • Welcome Bonus

All of these factors are considered when we rank our sportsbooks and then weighted according to their importance.

What do you need from a sportsbook?

So now you know what makes a good sportsbook, it is time to think about what is the best sportsbook in the US for you! The first question to be aware of is your level. If you are a beginner, you might want to concentrate on a sportsbook that has good odds and whose interface is easy to use. If you are at an intermediate level you might want to start looking at a wider range of bets and live betting. Then if you are an expert, and betting actually affects your disposable income then you need to seriously factor in speed and range of payment methods available.

The US is also at an interesting stage at the moment in that there are a number of new US-based sportsbooks that are springing up as well as European sportsbooks with decades of online sports betting experience moving in. This means that you will have sportsbooks with a slightly different emphasis on different sports.

If you are looking to place mainly moneylines or points spreads on the NBA, MLB, NFL or NHL then all sportsbooks we list should be able to cater for your demands.

However, if you are into other sports or want to bet at the collegiate level then you will find some variation in what is available. Remember if it is sports like soccer, rugby, cricket, Aussie rules or darts then European sportsbooks might be your best bet (excuse the pun).

Welcome Bonuses

One area where you will find the biggest variation is welcome bonuses. The welcome, or sign-up, bonuses in the US, are absolutely crazy at the moment. Since online sports betting has only existed since 2018, every sportsbook is eager to grab themselves a bit of the pie. And the way they can attract punters over their competition is by offering them a nice big juicy welcome bonus.

A nice welcome bonus can be great fun, and a nice risk-free way to get a feel for a sportsbook but it should not factor too much in deciding what is the best sportsbook for you. A welcome bonus is a one-off, so once you have used it, it is gone. Welcome bonuses often contain small print which makes it very hard to convert the bonus into real cash. This is not always the case, but you should look at this case by case.

What sportsbook fits your betting strategy?

If you are looking to only place the occasional sports bet then you shouldn’t worry too much. All of the sportsbooks that we list on our site are reputable and trustworthy, so if it feels right then go for it. However, if you are looking to bet more than once a week, then you really need to be coming up with a betting strategy and choosing the right sportsbook according to that strategy.

A strategy should provide the following things:

  • How often you will bet
  • How much you will bet
  • What type of bets you will place
  • What events you will place them on
  • How much time and where you will do your research

Once you have these things decided then you can look at what sportbooks give you what you want. For example, if cashouts are going to be part of your strategy then you will need to find a sportsbook with a lot of cash out options.

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