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The show-me state is gearing up to allow online sports betting.

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Missouri is expecting to take action soon when it comes to legalize Online Sports betting & Online Casino

Online Sports Betting in Missouri

2021 could prove to be a very exciting time in Missouri as the state edges ever closer to legalising sports betting.

The frustrating news is that we could have already been underway with sports betting in the state if it hadn't been for a disagreement of a proposed integrity fee.

This fee would have meant that sportsbooks setting up in the state would have had to pay the major leagues a percentage of each wager.

In most other states this idea has been rejected, as it would make offshore sportsbooks more competitive and drive potential customers away from the state.

The introduction of integrity fees have been introduced in other markets and has often resulted in sportsbooks passing the cost onto their customers by shifting the odds.

The major leagues perhaps believed they stood a better chance in a state represented in the NFL, MLB, MLS and NHL.

Frequently asked questions about online sports betting in Missouri

It's been a complicated process, so we understand you may have a few questions...

Is sports betting legal in Missouri

No. As it stands sports betting is not legal in Missouri. However, bills are currently being considered to change this.

When will Missouri legalize sports betting?

We estimate that it will legalise sports betting in 2020. It was on track to have it legalized in 2019, but an issue with a proposed integrity fee has delayed the process.

Is it legal to gamble online in Missouri?

No. You cannot currently bet online in the state. However, legislation is currently being proposed that would allow online gambling within state borders.

Does Missouri have any sportsbooks?

No. The state does not currently have any sportsbooks. It does however have some water-based casinos.

How old do you have to be to gamble in Missouri?

You have to be 21 years or older to gamble in Missouri.

Online Sports Betting in Missouri

As it stands it is not legal to bet online in the state of Missouri. We expect this to change in 2021 when it looks like the state will pass amended legislation allowing sportsbooks to enter a new and exciting market.

The show-me state has a number of water-based casinos, so gambling is not entirely new to them. Now, as states all over the country are chasing a new revenue stream in online gambling, Missouri is showing signs that it is keen to grab a slice of the pie.

Things should already have been underway. In 2018 and early 2019 bills were introduced that would have made the state one of the first in the US to allow online sports betting. Unfortunately, the major leagues had lobbied the gaming commission to include an 'integrity fee' in the legislation and that was eventually the reason why the bills were not passed. The Integrity fee is effectively a way for sportsbooks to grab a slice of the sportsbooks profits. It hasn't worked in other states and it hasn't worked in Missouri.

A new bill is currently being discussed and we expect it will be passed in early 2021.

Kansas City Royals

The Kansas City Royals enjoy a huge support in Missouri

The future of sports betting in Missouri

Online sports betting should already be legal in the state. If it hadn't been for the influence of the major leagues in Missouri, it would have been.

There are a number of major sports teams in the state:

  • Kansas City Chiefs (NFL)
  • Kansas City Royals (MLB)
  • Sporting Kansas City (MLS)
  • St.Louis Blues (NHL)
  • St Louis Cardinals (MLB)

Five major sports teams in a state of only 6.1 million make it much easier for the leagues to lobby the state. However, they have not succeeded and it looks like a new bill will pass without the integrity fee.

The sportsbooks looking to set up in the state argued that they already pay the major leagues for data, so it would be unfair for them to pay twice. It's an argument they ultimately won.

The only real bone of contention between the sportsbooks and the state is the use of mobile sign-up. The state is still considering a system that Nevada uses, where you will have to sign up in-person at a sportsbook or casino and then you will be able to wager online. Nevada, with such an established industry, has been able to make this work, but in other states like Rhode Island, it has been a disaster. Again, we expect the sportsbooks to get their way.

Which sportsbooks are interested in Missouri?

At the latest meetings with the Missouri Committee on Gaming, there have been a number of representatives from some of the countries major sportsbooks. these include:

Gambling in Missouri - The legal situation

Online gambling is currently not legal in the state of Missouri, but current legislation is being considered that would legalise it.

There are a number of actors involved in this process:

  • The Special Interim Committee on Gaming
  • Independent Experts
  • Sportsbooks interested in the Missourian market
  • Lobbyists from the sports leagues
  • Legal experts

With this bunch of people in the room, it was never going to be easy. Each group has had its own interests at heart. However, as it stands now, every party apart from the sports leagues, are pretty much in agreement.

The state can see the advantage of an additional revenue stream and are concerned about neighbouring states stealing their potential market share.

The sportsbooks see an attractive market of sports-mad Missourians with some experience of gambling. They only need a favourable tax rate set by the state. We estimate that this rate will be around the same as West Virginia (10%). Pennsylvania stalled in its sports betting drive because of a high tax rate that put off sportsbooks - a mistake we don't see Missouri making.

Now that the sports leagues have all but admitted defeat when it comes to the integrity fee, we don't foresee too many hold-ups.

Our estimation is that online sports betting will be legal in Missouri by early 2021, with three major sportsbooks, William Hill, FanDuel and DraftKings launching Missouri-based apps almost immediately after a bill is passed.