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Voters in a November 2020 referendum voted in favor of sports betting.

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South Dakota is expecting to take action soon when it comes to legalize Online Sports betting & Online Casino

South Dakota online sports betting

The Senate passed a resolution in June 2020 that will allow the citizens of South Dakota to decide wether the state should allow sports betting within its borders.

They have now voted in favor and so a bill will be drawn up by the House legislature. This will be a little bit more complicated that other states, since South Dakota allows gambling in one city already, Deadwood. It is likely that the legal casinos in the state will lobby hard for mobile betting to remain geo-fenced to existing locations in Deadwood. Opening up state-wide mobile betting would see outside actors enter the market and eat up a significant portion of the market share.


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FAQs South Dakota online betting

Sports Betting is now legal in the state of South Dakota. Here are some of your most frequently asked questions on the subject.

Is sports betting legal in South Dakota?

Yes, but a bill still needs to be passed which clears up various issues such as licensing and taxation.

Are there any sportsbooks in South Dakota?

No, not yet. Gambling is only allowed in Deadwood, South Dakota. The Deadwood Casinos do not currently offer sports betting.

If you are based in the Sioux Falls metro area you can cross the border into Iowa and place a bet at the Grand Falls Casino which offers sports betting.

⌛ When will online sports betting be legal in South Dakota?

The earliest possible date that sports betting could be legal in the state of South Dakota will be early 2021.

The state legislature will need to agree on a bill that placates the casinos already set up in the state.

❓ How can I bet on sports in South Dakota?

You cannot currently bet on sports in South Dakota. You can cross over the border to Iowa and bet at one of the legal IA Sportsbooks.

Online Sports Betting in South Dakota

South Dakota is starting to feel the heat when it comes to sports betting with sportsbooks beginning to pop up in Iowa along the border with South Dakota - only a stone's throw from Sioux Falls the state's largest city.

In March 2020 a resolution was finally passed which is the first step on the legalization of sports betting. The SJR501 required a referendum on the subject to take place in November 2020.

South Dakotans voted in favor of sports betting. We can now expect there will be some serious lobbying by the twelve existing tribal casinos and the commercial casinos in Deadwood to be given the exclusive right to offer sports betting.

The legislature will want to keep these parties happy, but considering Deadwood is the other side of the state from Sioux Falls this won't solve the problem of potential revenue spilling across the border into Iowan sportsbooks.

If the legislature is able to agree on a bill, then it could potentially be passed in early 2021.

Sports Betting in South Dakota: The situation in short
  • The US Supreme Court deems the PASPA act unconstitutional in May 2018.
  • A joint resolution is filed by South Dakota lawmakers in January 2019 that would 'allow wagering on sports events'.
  • In March 2020 the Senate agrees on the SJR501 resolution.
  • In November a referendum was passed which legalized sports betting in the state of South Dakota.

Sports in South Dakota

Connecticut is not home to any pro league teams and the interest in professional sports is a little lower than other Midwestern states when it comes to the viewing figures for pro sports. It could be argued that hunting and fishing are more popular than pro sports!

However there is one team that enjoys a large fanbase in South Dakota and that is the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings play in bordering Minnesota, only a few kilometers from the Sioux Falls metropolitan area.