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The Palmetto State legislature has considered a sports betting bill in 2019, but failed to come to an agreement. However, the subject is on the cards for future consideration.

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South Carolina is expecting to take action soon when it comes to legalize Online Sports betting & Online Casino

South Carolina Sports Betting

The state of South Carolina has so far resisted passing any legislation that would legalize sports betting in the state. However, the 2019 bill was a case of too much too soon.

The bill would have allowed for both retail and online sportsbooks. In short, the state would have gone from no sportsbooks to any number of them.

The state legislature just couldn't agree on how the bill would be implemented. However, the introduction of the bill shows there is a will. We expect a new amended proposed bill to be introduced to the 2021 legislative session with some restrictions on how sports betting will be implemented and licensed in the state.

Betting in SC - what you can and can't do

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FAQS South Carolina online betting

Here are your most commonly asked questions regarding online sports betting in South Carolina.

🤔 Are there any sportsbooks in South Carolina?

No, there are currently no legal sportsbooks in South Carolina. However, you can drive east and place a wager at one of Cherokee's sportsbooks in North Carolina.

⚖️ Is sports betting legal in South Carolina?

No sports betting is not legal in the state of South Carolina.

⌛ When will sports betting be legal in South Carolina?

We expect that a new bill that would legalize sports betting in the state will be considered in the 2021 state legislative session.

❓ How can I bet on sports in South Carolina?

You cannot currently bet on sports in the state of South Carolina. You can, however, cross the border with North Carolina and bet at a sportsbook in Cherokee.

Online Sports Betting in South Carolina

It came as somewhat of a surprise when South Carolina's state legislature considered a sports betting bill in the 2019 legislative session.

The session ended up without an agreement, however the fact that it was considered showed that the state was not as against the idea as many had previously expected.

The bill was not considered in 2020, however, we expect to see an amended bill to be proposed in 2021. One motivating factor is the fact that North Carolina offers sports betting at retail outlets and crucially, Tennessee looks like they will soon allow online sports betting. South Carolina will not want to see potential sports betting tax revenue go to the Volunteer State. Even if the two states do not share a land border, it won't take long for residents of Spartanburg, Greenville or Anderson to make the short drive over to North Carolina's border with Tennessee.

Carolina Panthers best sportsbooks

The Panthers play in North Carolina but they train in South Carolina. They are the state's favorite team.

Sports teams in South Carolina

The Palmetto State is not home to any major league team. However there are three major league teams north of the state border that enjoy a huge amount of popularity.

  • Carolina Panthers (NFL)
  • Carolina Hurricanes (NHL)
  • Charlotte Hornets (NBA)

The Panthers are particularly popular in the state. The team, in fact, train in South Carolina but play their games in the Bank of America stadium, in Charlotte, NC.

Georgia which borders South Carolina are also home to a number of major league teams which enjoy a lot of popularity in the Palmetto State:

Atlanta Falcons (NFL)

Atlanta Braves (MLB)

Atlanta Hawks (NBA)

Atlanta United (MLS)