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The tiny state of around one million people is punching above its weight in the world of US sports betting becoming the eighth state to legalise it.

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Limited Online Sports Betting Legal in Rhode Island

Rhode Island Sports Betting History

The Ocean State has a soft spot for gambling. In 2012 AND 2016 the residents of Rhode Island voted in favour of casino gambling. This, in turn, led to the construction of the Twin River Casino in Lincoln and the Twin River Tiverton Casino. The Twin River Casino is 162,000 square feet of gambling fun attached to a four-story hotel.

After PASPA, the ban nationwide ban on sports betting was ruled unconstitutional in 2018 by the Supreme Court. It fell to each state to decide at a federal level, whether they would allow sports betting within its borders.

A number of states immediately began discussing the issue, with NJ, PA and MS leading the pack. Rhode Island became the eighth state to legalise sports betting in the US passing the law in the state legislature in 2018.

Things are never that straight forward, however, as it stands each state has added a few restrictions here and there at least temporarily as an attempt to keep control over the situation. For example, in Nevada, you can bet on sports online, but you have to sign up and deposit to your sportsbook in person. Rhode Island has its own clauses.

Frequently asked questions about sports betting in RI

This state is an anomaly when it comes to the US sports betting industry, here is what you need to know:

Where can I bet on sports in Rhode Island?

You can currently bet at two locations in the Ocean State. Twin River Casino (Lincoln) and Twin River Tiverton Casino.

Can you bet online in Rhode Island?

The legislation has now been passed that allows online betting in Rhode Island. However, it is still awaiting launch. Currently, the Twin River casinos are the only licensed sportsbooks, so they will likely be the first betting company to launch an online service.

Is online gambling legal in Rhode Island?

Yes, it is officially legal, but it is yet to be put into practice. Land based sports betting has been legal since 2018 in Rhode Island and expanded legislation was recently passed that legalised online sports betting.

Can I bet on sports at River casino?

Yes, you can bet on sports at both River Casino locations, Lincoln and Riverton, in Rhode Island.

How old do you need to be to gamble in Rhode Island?

The state is unusual in that it allows gambling at 18 years old. Sportsbooks can still require you to be 21 however.

Are there any sportsbook apps in Rhode Island?

There are no sportsbook apps. However, expanded legislation recently legalised online sports betting in Rhode Island so we expect to see a RI based sportsbook app before the end of 2019.

Legal sports betting in Rhode Island

As we stand sports betting is legal in Rhode Island with state licenses issued to two locations:

Twin River Casino (Lincoln)

Twin River Tiverton Casino

The original legislation only included these two casinos as the only establishments were sportsbooks could exist. However state legislature has since ruled that online sports betting is now legal. We cover this below.

There are two key areas where RI show that they are considerably more relaxed when it comes to sports betting legislation than some of their counterparts.

  1. You can be 18 to gamble in RI
  2. You can bet on collegiate sports

The former is highly unusual, almost everywhere else in the US, you have to be 21 to legally bet on sports. Once online betting hits the state however, we imagine that you will need to be 21 as the sportsbooks themselves will require you to be 21. This has yet to be confirmed, however.

Legal online sports betting in Rhode Island

When it comes to online sports betting in Rhode Island we are currently at a bit of a crossroads. An expansion to the initial law that allowed for in-state mobile betting was passed in March 2019. The launch is still pending, but we expect that to go through any day now.

What we find somewhat confusing is that there does not appear to be a framework for sportsbooks to apply for a sports betting license in Rhode Island. This means that as it stands it will have to be the Twin River Casino which launches a mobile app.

This doesn’t really make sense from the state’s perspective as it will negate the tax benefits of opening the legislation. So, we imagine that soon after the launch of the expanded state legislation that allows in-state mobile betting we will also see an announcement regarding a new licensing system.

Twin River sports gambling

The two Twin Rivers establishments are currently the two locations where you can bet on sports in Rhode Island. The Twin Rivers Casino Hotel, previously known as Lincoln Park is a sprawling complex with slot machines, poker tables, bars, racebook and a hotel.

The Twin River sportsbooks are well worth a visit, especially if you want to play a little poker as well. However, we are really looking forward to the day they announce mobile sports betting. Since they are currently the only two licensed sportsbooks in the state, the residents of RI will have to rely on them to launch a mobile app that you can use in state.

    Rhode Island Sport Betting Revenue

    Rhode Island is expected to bring in about $15 million in revenue by the end of 2019. State legislators are trying to push through a law allowing for mobile sports betting in order to reap the benefits of the NFL season.

    Rhode Island takes an enormous share of the state revenue when compared to other states. This could scare off competition to Twin Rivers casino once the licensing is opened up to other sportsbooks. Currently, the state takes a whopping 51% of revenue. This is insanely high when you compare it with New Jersey (8.5% land-based, 13% online), West Virginia (10%), Mississipi (12%) and Pennsylvania (36%).