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Online sports betting legal in Oregon

Online Sports Betting in Oregon


Oregon has a long and storied relationship with sports betting. The state had originally been one of only four states exempted from PASPA, the federal act that banned sports betting. However, in the 2005, the state decided to enact the PASPA, effectively ending sports betting in the state.

Once PASPA was reversed at a federal level, Oregon began the process of legalizing sports betting once more, with one caveat; the state would be in full control.

You can now bet online with the state lottery's sportsbook app Scorecard.
Betting in OR - what you can and can't do

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Betting in OR: the Rules
  • You must be 21 years old or older to bet online in OR
  • You must be within state borders to bet online in OR
  • You can currently only bet online with using the Scoreboard sports betting app.

Frequently asked questions about online sports betting in Oregon

Online betting is coming to Oregon, so it's important to know how and where you can get involved.

Is online sports betting legal in Oregon?

Yes. Online sports betting is legal in Oregon. However, as it stands you can only bet through the Oregon Lottery app.

Where can I bet on sports online?

At the moment you can only bet via the Oregon Lottery App.

How old do you have to be to bet on sports in Oregon?

You have to be 21 years old, or older.

Where can I bet on sports in Oregon?

You can bet at Chinook Winds, which is a tribal casino.

Of course, you can bet anywhere within the state if you are using your mobile.

Online Sports Betting in Oregon

Online sports betting is up and running in the Beaver State after the Oregon Lottery launched its own mobile app, called scoreboard in 2019.

The Oregon Lottery Commission had set the wheels in motion back in April 2019, when they awarded the state sports betting contract to SBTech.

It was widely expected that Oregon, that has gambling in its blood, would be one of the first states, to legalise sports betting.

However, compared to the other states, they have gone about it in an unusual way.

In other states like Nevada and New Jersey, the state commission has awarded online gambling licenses to existing casinos who can then partner with a sportsbook or launch their own online service.

However, in Oregon, the state has launched its own lottery sports betting app before offering licenses to casinos (apart from Chinook Winds).

Although no casinos have actually said that they will launch a physical sportsbook service, we expect by 2022 there will be a handful.

Sportsbooks in Oregon

At the moment you can bet on sports at Chinook Winds. You can also place bets on quarter horse and thoroughbred racing at Portland Meadows.

Online you can bet with the state lottery's sportsbook app.

We do expect a number of the well-established casinos in the state to offer sports betting soon, it is simply to good an opportunity to pass up.

The casinos we foresee as opening up sports betting soon are:

  • Three Rivers (Florence and Coos Bay)
  • Sever Feathers
  • Indian Head Casino
Portland Timbers Sportsbooks

The Portland Timbers in action

online and mobile wagering in Oregon

At the moment it is the Oregon Lottery that is in charge of the mobile wagering market. The Lottery App will offer a wide selection of sports bets, reflecting the states sporting diversity.

Greyhound racing and horse racing are both huge in Oregon, so we expect these to be well represented in the lottery's mobile betting app. Perhaps an even better selection than the established sportsbooks in NJ, for example, would offer, where the sports don't generate the same interest.

Of course, all the main leagues will be well represented, you will be able to enjoy a huge selection of NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL betting. The lottery even set their app launch date to coincide with the start of the NFL season. You can also expect to see some great odds for the Portland Trail Blazers offered on the app.

Soccer, may not be huge in the rest of the country, but the Portland Timbers of the MLS have a huge fanbase, so expect some decent lines and bets offered on the lottery's app.

    Oregon sports betting law

    Oregon is not following the traditional route that other states such as PA or NJ are. They are determined to let their state lottery retain control over online sports betting.

    This may sound like a negative move, but we don't think it is, at least for the moment. As it stands, the removal of PASPA in 2018, has meant that there are a number of states legalising sports betting. This means that the larger states will always attract the most attention from sportsbooks. Oregon tucked away in the north-west with a population of 4.2 million just wouldn't generate enough interest from the big US sportsbooks yet. Perhaps it's better right now that the state gets its own dedicated sports betting app first, and then worry about introducing some competition further down the line.