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The Corhusker State is starting to feel the pressure as almost every surrounding state has either legalized, or is in the process of legalizing sports betting.

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Nebraska is expecting to take action soon when it comes to legalize Online Sports betting & Online Casino

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It took until 2020 for Nebraska to begin the process of legalizing sports betting. This was no doubt after feeling the pressure from all around its borders.

Iowa and Colorado already have legal online sports betting and South Dakota, Missouri, and Kansas are all on the brink of legalizing sports betting.

Nebraska would simply not want to see potential tax revenue spill out of the state to its neighbours. That is why we expect a sports betting bill to be passed in 2021.

Betting in NE - what you can and can't do

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FAQs online sports betting in Nebraska

Here are the most common questions regarding sports betting in the state of Nebraska.

⚖️ Is sports betting legal in Nebraska?

No, sports betting is not currently legal in Nebraska. A sports betting bill has been proposed but now that the 2020 legislative session has ended, we will need to wait until 2021 for it to be passed.

Sports betting is legal in two bordering states: Iowa and Colorado.

🤔 Are there any sportsbooks in Nebraska?

There are no sportsbooks in Nebraska, as sports betting is not yet legal.

You can travel across the state lines to bet at either an Iowa-based sportsbook or a Colorado-based sportsbook.

⌛ When will online sports betting be legal in Nebraska?

We estimate that online sports betting will be legal in Nebraska in 2021.

❓ How can I bet on sports in Nebraska?

You cannot currently bet on sports in Nebraska as sports betting is not currently legal.

You can cross state lines and bet at either an Iowa-based sportsbook or a Colorado-based sportsbook.

Online Sports Betting in Nebraska

Unless Nebraska acts soon, they will become surrounded by states that have legalized sports betting. Since mobile wagering will also be allowed in most of those states, all that you would beed to do is cross the state line and place a bet on your mobile.

This means there would be little logic in going against the grain; all that would happen is that the state of Nebraska would lose out on potential tax revenue. A large segment of Omaha, for example, is actually in Iowa.

So the question is not so much will the state legalize sports betting but when and how?

We expect that since the 2020 legislative window has passed, we will see Sen. Justin Wayne eager to get a bill over the line in early 2021.

It looks like online sports betting may not be included in the first bill, but there will be an option to allow this at a later date.

Sports Betting in Nebraska: The situation in short
  • The US Supreme Court deems the PASPA act unconstitutional in May 2018.
  • In early 2020, Iowa launches it's first online sportsbooks, meaning residents of Omaha can make a short journey over state lines to place a mobile wager
  • In 2020, LB 990 was proposed, the bill would allow sports betting in the state as a lottery game with the option to legalize online sports betting at a later date.

Sports Teams in Nebraska

Nebraska is not home to any pro sports teams. However, the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers team is incredibly popular in the state.

The Denver Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs are both popular NFL teams in Nebraska.

When it comes to baseball the Kansas City Royals enjoy a large amount of support. The Lincoln Saltdogs compete in the American Association and the Omaha Storm Chasers compete in the Pacific Coast Minor League.