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Online sports betting is officially legal in the state of Montana, but it is, so far, limited to the Montana Lottery.

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Limited Online Sports Betting Legal in Montana

Online Sports Betting in Montana

Montana was the seventh state to legalize sports betting after the US Supreme Court allowed it at a federal level.

The initial plan was to allow online sports betting through the state lottery for the start of the NFL season in 2019 but delays resulted in an official launch in March 2020.

The State Lottery app is called Sports Bet Montana and it is operated by Intralot.

The situation in Montana is a little unusual, in that you can only bet via the app whilst you are geofenced within a retail sports betting property. You can place bets on the Lottery's website at home.

Bets are capped at $250 at a sports betting kiosk and $1,000 on the website.

Betting in MT - what you can and can't do

Bet on sports in-person ✅

Bet on sports online ✅ (restricted)

Register with a sportsbook online ✅

Deposit & withdraw funds with a sportsbook online ✅

Bet on collegiate teams or collegiate games ✅

Betting in MT: the Rules
  • You must be 21 years old or older to bet online in MT
  • You must be within state borders, and geo fenced at a retail location to bet online in MT
  • You can only bet online with the State Lottery either via their app or their website

Frequently asked questions about online sports betting in Montana

The Granite State is now online. Here are some of your most common questions regarding sports betting in Montana.

Is sports betting legal in Montana?

Yes, sports betting is now legal in Montana. You can bet on sports with the State Lottery. They have a sports betting app called Sports Bet Montana.

Is online sports betting legal in Montana?

Yes online sports betting is legal. However, only the state's Lottery can operate a sportsbook. Their app is call Sports Bet Montana.

You can only bet via your mobile if you are on the premises of a sports betting venue.

At what age can you gamble in Montana?

You have to be 18 years old, or older to gamble in Montana.

Can you play DraftKings in Montana?

No. DraftKings is not live in Montana.

Online sports betting in Montana

It was the first state in 2019 to legalize sports betting, but it took until March 2020 for the State Lottery to launch a sports betting app.

The State Lottery app with the catchy title of Sports Bet Montana, allows you to wager via your mobile. However, there are a number of caveats.

  • You can only use the app if you are located at any of the state's 2,000 sports betting venues. You will need to share your location for the app to work.
  • If you are at a kiosk your bets are capped at $250.
  • Bets via the Lottery's website are capped at $1,000

The Montana Lottery

Like an only child, a state lottery monopoly can be a little difficult, but at the end of the day, it's all you have.

A lack of competition will, of course, impact the service, you may notice a certain complacency and shortage of crazy bonuses or promos. However, the upside is you can trust them - this lottery ultimately belongs to the state, so this is not a risky offshore site.

We have not been that impressed with how long it has taken for the lottery to get its act together - Colorado, for example, has long had a state lottery up and running online. We also feel the restrictive mobile wagering is unhelpful in a sparsely populated state. BUT it's better than nothing.