FanDuel prepaid card

What is a FanDuel prepaid card and how can you get one?

15 March 2021

FanDuel's prepaid card is both a safe and easy payment option. We look at how the card works and how you can sign-up for one.

FanDuel's Play+ Prepaid Card

One of the biggest challenges facing sports bettors in the US is finding a trustworthy and secure payment platform for deposits and withdrawals.

This is because the banking system is simply not up to speed with the rate of change within the country's burgeoning sports betting industry.

For many years, illegal offshore companies dominated online sportsbook transactions. This meant that banks had blacklisted payments to and from these sportsbooks in order to protect both you as a customer and themselves.

However, in 2018 the US senate legalized sports betting at a federal level, allowing each state to decide whether they would allow online sportsbooks within their borders. Since then there has been a relatively continuous stream of states coming online, with new legal, licensed sportsbooks popping up all over the country.

If you are in states where sports betting is legal and you are signed up to a legal online sportsbook then you should be allowed to transfer funds to and from that sportsbook. However, like most things in life, it is never that simple. Many banks still block payments to and from online sportsbooks.

You will need to find an alternative to a simple Visa, Mastercard or Bank transfer.

The card is branded as the FanDuel and Stardust Prepaid Play+

Payment platforms like PayPal have stepped in to fill this void, playing the middleman between the banks and sportsbooks. Since the payment platform is trusted by all parties, it is a great way to send your money to and from your sportsbook.

PayPal is still the most popular payment option for many US customers, but recently Play+ prepaid cards are proving an increasingly popular alternative.

The cards are produced by Play+ but are often branded with the sportsbook's name and partners.

They simply work like any prepaid service, like a top-up phone, where you send money to the card which you can then deposit into your sportsbook. With FanDuel's prepaid card you can also withdraw funds to your card, and withdraw it as cash.

You use your prepaid card anywhere where Discover is accepted
Pros & Cons

Advantages with FanDuel's Play+ Prepaid Card 👍

  • A FanDuel Play+ card offers you full control Only you decide how much money is in your account, no overdraft.
  • Your card is linked to the FanDuel loyalty scheme Which ensures you get the most out of all the promotions and free bets available.
  • No approval is required FanDuel will not require any credit approval because, well, there is no credit!
  • Easier to deposit and withdraw than with your Visa or Mastercard It is difficult to deposit using your Visa or Mastercard, and it will be almost impossible to withdraw funds.
  • You load your card with cash If cash is king for you, then a Play+ card is the only way forward.
  • You can withdraw your winnings from an ATM For a $2 fee, you can cash out your winnings at an ATM.
  • Higher Daily Deposit Limit With the VIP FanDuel Play+ card, you can send up to $10,000 into your account daily.

Disadvantages with FanDuel's Play+ Prepaid Card 👎

  • Full withdrawal from your sportsbook to your bank account will take longer than other methods If you want to cash out your sportsbook winnings back into your bank account, you will need to wait a few more hours compared with a PayPal transfer.

How to sign up to your FanDuel Play+ Prepaid Card

  • First, you must create your FanDuel account and collect your welcome bonus.
  • The current bonus is a risk-free bet of up to $1,000 (you can read more about risk-free bets by clicking on the link below)
  • Select the FanDuel and Stardust Prepaid Play+ Card as your payment option.
  • Click to agree to Terms & Conditions, and click enrol.
  • Upon successful registration, you will have the opportunity to add funds to the account immediately using a Bank Card.
  • Your personalized card will be mailed to your address on file within 10-14 days of funding the account.
Sport bonus:

$1,000 No Sweat First Bet

Turnover: 1x bonus amount Lowest odds: Bonus code:

How to deposit with a FanDuel Play+ Card account

To deposit funds, you can follow these steps:

  • Click the Play+ funding option
  • Select Bank Card Load
  • Enter the amount you wish to fund your Play+ account
  • Enter the Bank Card number you wish to fund within the appropriate field
  • Complete the security code and expiration date fields
  • Click Add Funds
  • You may opt to save the account for faster funding on future requests

How to withdraw with a Fanuel Play+ Card account

To withdraw your funds, you can follow these steps:

    • Log into your gaming account at or
    • Select Cash Out and Load Funds to Prepaid Card
    • Enter the dollar amount to transfer (Any value below or up to the maximum account balance may be transferred to your Play+ account)
    • Enter the last four digits of your social security number
    • Click Submit

    Fees associated with FanDuel's Play+ Prepaid Card

    The great thing about FanDuel's prepaid card is that you do not have any loading fees. This is the case, for example, with some other sportsbooks like BetMGM.

    You will, however, be charged $2 if you chose to transfer funds from your prepaid card to your bank account. You will also be charged $2 if you withdraw your funds as cash from an ATM.

    You will also be charged $2.95 if your card is inactive for six months.

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    What is a FanDuel Prepaid Card?

    A FanDuel prepaid card is a payment option offered by Play+.

    Your card can be topped up with cash or money from your bank account and then used to deposit funds into your FanDuel account.

    You can also cash out your funds from your FanDuel account to your prepaid card. You can then transfer these funds to your bank or withdraw them as cash for a $2 fee. Alternatively, you can use your card anywhere which accepts Discover.

    How do I get a FanDuel Card?

    You simply sign-up to FanDuel and order the card from your account.

    There is no credit check required and you should receive your card within 10-14 days.