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William Hill Sportsbook overview

Nils Edmondson

Nils Edmondson

William Hill is one of the oldest sports betting companies in the world. It is based in London, UK and it is listed on the London Stock Exchange. William Hill launched its first retail outlet in the US in 2013.

It is now open for business in a number of states. However, it is online in the following:

  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • Iowa
  • West Virginia
  • Colorado
  • Illinois

William Hill Sportsbook score

  • A huge international brand
  • Excellent mobile app
  • Generous betting promos
  • Live streaming
  • No cashout function
Bonus offer
Betting variety
Mobile experience
Payment options
Betting experience
William Hill Sportsbook quick facts
Deposit methodsVISA/Mastercard, ACH (eCheck), William Hill Prepaid card, In-person at Monmouth Park or Ocean Resort
Withdrawal methodsWilliam Hill Prepaid card, ACH (eCheck), In-person at Monmouth Park or Ocean Resort
Odds providerWilliam Hill
Betting functionsmoneyline, point spread, parlay, teaser, prop, future, in-play
Supportlive chat, phone, e-mail, text message
OwnerWilliam Hill
Founded Year1934
HeadquarterLondon, England, UK

William Hill Sportsbook: everything you need to know

William Hill has been around since 1934, so to say they know a thing or two about gambling would be an understatement.

So, it comes as no surprise that when the USA legalized sports betting the British powerhouse were ready to make the trip across the pond. As expected, they have launched an excellent service in the USA, you can find an in-depth review below.

William Hill Sportsbook: the good 👍

  • Reliable software. William Hill knows how to keep their online customers happy. Their website, which is built just like their other European versions, works incredibly well and you are unlikely to encounter any problems. This is especially important if you are looking to bet in play.
  • Excellent mobile app. The majority of their online bets in the USA come from mobile users, so it comes as no surprise that they have an excellent app. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. William Hill also offers some bonuses that are exclusive on their app.
  • Betting promotions. William Hill is well known for its vast array of betting promotions and offers for new and existing customers.
  • Live streaming. Ok, so you won’t be able to watch the NFL on live streaming yet, but some of the medium-sized or foreign leagues are available.
  • An established brand. Since the USA has only just opened its borders to online sports betting, the presence of an established brand with a long history in the industry is a welcome one. You can trust that William Hill is a reputable brand with a wealth of experience.

William Hill Sportsbook: the bad 👎

  • No cashout. This is a feature that is pretty ubiquitous in the current betting market, so we find it strange that William Hill does not offer it to US-based customers. The feature effectively allows you to cash out your bet before the event is over, at adjusted odds.
  • Less betting options for American sports. You will be able to bet on all the major NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL games. However, the selection of bets for each game might, in some cases, be a little less than some of the other sportsbooks based in the USA.

William Hill Sportsbook Verdict

When it comes to such an established brand like William Hill, you know you are always in good hands. They have been around for almost 100 years and that experience is key in such a market like the USA, that has only just legalised sports betting.

Their software is great, their app is excellent and they offer pretty competitive lines.

The only slight drawback that we see is that they still feel a little like a foreign sports betting site that has set up camp in the USA. What we mean by that is that their focus on American sports is a little less convincing than the other sportsbooks based in the USA.

Overall, they are still an excellent sportsbook and we would highly recommend them to anyone looking for reputable, credible and reliable sports betting brand. If you are new to sports betting then we can definitely recommend William Hill’s US sportsbook as it will offer you everything you need in an easy to use and reliable format.

William Hill Sportsbook Review

William Hill is one of the biggest betting companies to arrive in the US since it legalized sports betting under its own brand name. Our team at bettingscanner.com have used William Hill since time immemorial and we can tell you that they are reliable, a reputable sportsbook that we have never had an issue with. They had existed in Nevada, but it was only in 2018 that they launched expanded out of the state and so far, we have to say we are impressed.

Their website and mobile app work really well, which is to be expected considering that they have such a huge global setup.

They do lack a couple of features however that exist for their European versions, but we expect that as demand increases they will soon appear on their US site.

Their lines are competitive, like their European versions, their odds are usually around, or just above the market average and almost never below. They offer a wide range of lines if you take all the sports they offer. However, we would have liked to see a few more lines offered for a few of the American sports.

    William Hill Sportsbook App

    Excellent. Possibly one of the best ones in the US right now.

    William Hill has obviously recognized that most of their online sports bets in the USA are coming from mobile users. The app is user-friendly, easy to use and in no way buggy. It is available for iOS and Android users.

    It’s got the same graphics profile as William Hill’s website and all their other versions around the world. This graphic profile isn’t our favourite, we can find it a bit distracting but it should in no way affect your overall experience. The most important thing about a betting app is that it works well, is easy to use and doesn’t crash - something that is especially important when you place in-play bets with an app.

    Another factor you need to consider when deciding to download the William Hill sportsbook app is that they sometimes offer promotions and bonuses specifically for app users. This means that you will need to have the William Hill sportsbook app downloaded to know about, and have access to, these bonuses. These bonuses can be pretty generous as well, so if you are a customer of William Hill we suggest you download their mobile app now!

    William Hill Sportsbook Parlays

    Welcome to parlay heaven! Parlays or accumulators as they are known in Europe have been a huge part of their sports betting across the pond. They not only offer parlays in their US-based site but also round robins and teasers.

    Parlay betting is effectively a load of bets, smashed together leaving you with a very attractive bit of juice. As each bet is added together the odds will be increased to reflect the additional risk. Remember though that this means even if you win 4 out of 5 bets in a parlay, you still lose.

    William Hill has capped the maximum amount of bets in a parlay to 10, which is a few less than a few of the other sportsbooks. However, you really should not be placing 10 bets in a parlay anyway as it becomes incredibly risky, and more like a lottery than a game of skill.

    You can place a parlay bet with William Hill by placing a bet and then another, then you will have the option to make it a parlay bet. It might be a little time consuming but we do advise you to see how much you could win by placing all your bets as individual bets first and then compare it with your potential payout of a parlay. Then you can see whether the parlay payout makes the additional risk worth it.

    With William Hill’s parlays, you can combine multiple games, from the same league, or across different leagues or even sports.

    William Hill does not allow its customers to include bets from the same game in a parlay, as this would leave room for you benefit more than once from the same or, a related prediction, for example backing a team to win, and then that team to score.

    William Hill also offers teasers, which negates some of the risks you take on in a parlay. Teasers allow you to add 6-14 points to a point spread so you can give yourself some breathing room in tight games. The more space you give yourself, the lower the odds will become.

    Parlays, round robins and teasers are not offered for every event, and certainly not on every bet. The option will show up in your bet slip. You will sometimes find promotions focused specifically on the parlays, in which case you will be able to see all the bets included and the odds upfront.

    William Hill sign-up bonus

    One advantage of being such a huge global brand is that you don’t have to work as hard to attract new customers. Many customers in the USA will have visited a physical William Hill store in Atlantic City or have heard of them due to their massive global presence. However, this does mean that their welcome bonus isn’t quite up there with some of the other US-based sportsbooks.

    Their current welcome bonus is a $50 free bonus that you will receive when you sign up and make a spend a minimum of $50 in sports bets. This means that in effect they will match your initial spend up to $50. Definitely a generous offer, but not the most generous welcome bonus you will find in the sportsbook market today.

    To sign up you will need to enter the promo code GET50 Remember though that $50 is no small amount and you need to be sure that you want to spend that much. The $50 will also be paid in free bets, so that is not $50 in cash, but $50 you can use to bet on.

    William Hill Sportsbook Payment Methods

    One of the first questions people have when it comes to depositing using sportsbooks online is, can I trust them? It is a great question, considering that there are many sharks out there hoping to swindle you out of some hard-earned cash. William Hill is not one of those, they are one of the most trusted and reputable sportsbooks in the world, so don’t worry, you are in safe hands.

    The USA legalised sports betting in the country back in 2018, but now it is down to each state to decide what they want to do. This means that not all banks will allow payments to and from online sportsbooks, even if you are in a state like New Jersey that allows sports betting because the banks won’t have always caught up with the current situation.

    This means that although William Hill might accept bank transfers, and you are in a state where sports betting is legal, your bank might still not allow it. Fear not, however, you won’t be stuck in a situation where you have deposited money but you can’t withdraw. If your payment has been accepted, and you haven’t tricked the system by using a VPN, you will be able to withdraw your money as well.

    Here are the payment methods William Hill accept:

    • ACH/e-check
    • Visa/Mastercard
    • Prepaid William Hill card
    • Cash at William Hill’s physical stores in NJ (Monmouth Park and Ocean Resort AC)

    FAQ William Hill sportsbook

    What is William Hill Sportsbook?

    You might well have heard William Hill as a name but not know exactly what they do. Well, they are a betting company that has been around since the 1930s and have physical stores in Atlantic City as well as thousands across the UK and Ireland. They exist in a huge number of countries where they offer sports betting both in physical outlets and online. Last year they expanded their online sportsbook for the first time outside of Nevada. They offer a huge array of sports bets for the US audience.

    How do I withdraw money from William Hill App?

    To withdraw money from William Hill you must first have made a deposit and placed a bet! We recommend you use the same method to withdraw as you deposited, as that is guaranteed to work. William Hill can transfer money via ACH/Check, Visa, Mastercard, William Hill Card and cash withdrawal at William Hill’s physical stores.

    Who owns William Hill sportsbook?

    William Hill was founded by, you guessed it, William Hill, back in 1934. Since then it has changed hands many times, but it is now run by William Hill PLC. The betting company has offices in the UK, Ireland and Gibraltar and over 16,600 employees.

    What is the minimum bet on William Hill sportsbook?

    The minimum wager you can place with William Hill is $2.

    Where is William Hill active in the US?

    William Hill is available both in Nevada and New Jersey.